Real Name:  Toni Monetti  
Age:  16
Height:  5'8" 
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Black
Super Powers:  Argent can create and fire tangible plasma bursts that look like silver knifes. She has also
learned to create plasma shields and slides to travel on, as well as using her power more creatively (sort of like Green Lantern does with his ring). The full extent of her powers, however, has not been determined.

First Appearance:   Teen Titans #1

Origin:  Toni is the daughter of a human mother and a H'San Natall father.  Her human "father" and mother kept Toni pampered and spoiled with a life of luxury. She's is still trying to get used to being a normal teenager without the trappings of wealth (and failing more than succeeding). Originally bred to become a soldier of the H'San Natall and eventually battle Earth's super heroes in a H'San Natall invasion, Argent helped three others like herself (Risk, Prysm, and Joto) escape, and together with the de-aged Atom, founded a new group of Teen Titans.

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