Real Name:  Cissie King Jones  
Age: in dispute (according to Zero Hour timeline, should be around 12-13, written in YJ as 15 -- take your pick!)
Height: 5'7"
Hair:  Blonde 
Eyes:  Blue
Super Powers:  None 
Special Abilities:  Arrowette is an excellent archer and keeps a quiver of assorted gadget arrows handy to help her in her crime-fighting career. 

First Appearance:  Impulse #29  
Origin:  The new Arrowette is the daughter of the original Arrowette, who fought (albeit VERY briefly) alongside Green Arrow and Speedy many years ago. After painful wrists caused her to retire from crimefighting and marry Bowstring Jones, the original Arrowette determined that her daughter would follow in her footsteps, whether she wanted to or not (talk about a bad case of stage mom).

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