Real Name: Ray Palmer 
Age: Physically 17, de-aged from his 30s by event that occured during Zero Hour 
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Blue
Super Powers: Using the porperties of a white dwarf star, Ray developed size and weight controls in a costume that allowed him to miniaturize to microscopic size and have complete mastery of his weight. His costume disappears when he grows to normal size, but he is now able to shrink objects contained within it's material.
Special Abilities: Understanding of quantum and subquantrum physics 
First Appearance:
Showcase #34 

Origin: The Atom's more recent origin and history tie into Zero Hour, when boomer Ray Palmer was blasted by Extant's chronal energy and de-aged into buster Ray Palmer. Ray has been a member of the Justice League, and likes to mention it frequently.  With his de-aging, his memories have also been harder to remember, and his life experience feels like nothing more than passing dreams in many instances. 

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