First appearance: Superboy and the Ravers #1

Created by Karl Kesel, Steve Mattsson and Paul Pelletier


Alter Ego: Lindsay Wah

Occupation: Adventurer

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Minister Wah (father); unnamed mother (deceased)

Group Affiliation: The Ravers

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black dyed purple


Aura is an attractive but troubled girl, who always seemed to have a viscious streak, particularly on the battlefields. She joined the Rave long ago because she wanted to escape her guilt for allowing her father to frame her for the death of her mother. (Aura's father had killed her mother and framed Aura because he hated them both for being metas!)

Once there, she hung outwith a clique called "The Fashion Police," but abandoned them to join Superboy's clique, mainly so that Marx would have a spy and ensure Superboy would know only what he needed to.

Resently Aura went to Hong Kong to confront her father for the murder of her mother. She decided she couldn't hide at the Rave any longer and decided to finally confront him for doing this. Her father had covered up the murder and made it look like Aura had committed the murder, so as soon as she confronted her wealthy father, police stormed the building. In her rage she had him confess to the killings as well as admit he had done it because her mother was also a meta, and he hated both mother and daughter for being different.

Aura arrived with her former lover "Twelfth Knight," a member of I.N.T.E.R.Cept, and she aided them in their efforts to stop the madness on Qward. At the end when she had learned of Marx's departure, she was given the Mother Box owned by both Kaliber and Marx at one point or another and has decided to continue the rave.


Her power is absolute control over polarity, allowing her to have control over virtually anything magnetic, as well as granting her the ability to fly. She often used her magnetism to build her suits of armor when she was ready to kick some evil-doer's butt.

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