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"Sean, your Guide to the Teen Heroes of the DC Universe, was a surprising plus for I have not given the CBC Award to many comic book related sites, and when you site came across my desk, I saw a WINNER!!!! I love the whole look of it! It is the best! I love the animated graphic on the second page of your site, and I think it is awesome. I also have to say that I have a feeling that Young Justice is going to be around for a long time, and that Wonder Girl, and Damage might be coming in! I am KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED :) Keep up the excellent work, and display the CBC Award with great honor, knowing that only the few receive it =:)"

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And I got a nice review from the Projections e-zine that I thought I'd share ...

by ShadeCrow

What's up, people. I'm still here, so you can stop with the petitions already. This next site is called DCU: THE NEXT GENERATION, and I had a blast reviewing it. Let's get to it, then:

Sean Taylor's

Of course the DCU stands for "DC Universe," and this site does nothing short of bringing you the best display of DC teen-heroes like Robin, Spoiler, Impulse, and Damage. This is was a great site to look over, and I've already bookmarked it, 'cuz I'll definitely be back regularly. I picked out the most significant sections and reviewed them accordingly.

NEWSROOM: This site already lived up to it's name by giving the most comprehensive news listings on the topic of DC's teenaged heroes. News pieces included some info from things like Mary Marvel's age to the slated penciler for Devin Grayson's new Titans series. A great place to go if you want to know the latest on your favorite punk... er, teen heroes.

BIOS: Of course, this section gives us a list of young heroes and their history. The characters are organized by what team, if any, they're in, while the ones without a team (and some without a book) are put together as well. Character information includes their first appearance, origin, and physical statistics.

JOURNAL: This area is reserved for people to have their own stories displayed. The stories shown have to do with DC teens and some even have several chapters. The stories feature several DC characters including Superboy, the Spoiler, and Damage. Check some of them out -- they're pretty enjoyable.

SCRAPBOOK: Great art by professionals and fans alike. The lists are well placed and you should have no problem looking for the pics you wanna see ... which should be a good portion of them!

INTERVIEWS: Anyone who comes to this site will absolutely love this section! This guy even got an interview with Mark Waid. The questions are, mostly, to the point and you'll learn a few interesting things about theses creators and their projects.

FUN STUFF: For all of you people who think they can create a better teen dream team than anyone else, here's a chance to prove it! You can list up to 11 characters as well as the creative team you would like on the book. Check out this section for a good time.

There are other sections like Reviews, Upcoming Comics, DC Teens Quiz, and others but all I would do is rant about how great they are, because I've certainly looked over those too! Right after reading Projections, I suggest you immediately check out STaylor104's website because it is top notch in bringing you all you need to know about DC characters -- as long as said characters aren't old enough to shave.

10 of 10

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