Real Name : Matthew Stuart
Age : 15
Height : Unknown
Weight : Unknown
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Purple
Super Powers : Waves of purple energy that give life to the hosts upmost
desires (with a strange purple tint.)
First Appearance : JLA: World Without Grown-Ups #1

Origin: An evil sorcerer, summoned to him a power that feeds on dreams and desires, the power to recreate the Universe. The power of a God. But even with this near infinite power, the vessel is still a mere mortal. The mad one isdefeated by his brother, due to his under developed imagination. the evil violet energies from the vile mage were extracted and locked in a tiny crystal chamber. There it was kept secret from mankind for all time... until now.

Matthew Stuart recieved a strange gift from his archeologist father on his thirteenth birthday, a small crystal, sparkling with strange purple energy. The strange power has overtaken the young boys body and mind. Now he calls himself Bedlam (as well as his new world).

The imagination of a thirteen-year-old child brought to life. He welded his new found power and his sudden hate for adults into one magnificent idea. With his giant, nameless benefactor standing nearby in silent attendance, the boy who was Matthew Stuart splits the earth into to moving everyone over the age of sixteen onto a new world.. After the disappearance of the adults, Superboy, Robin, and Impulse were left on there own, to take control of the situation, and after defeating Bedlam, the adults of the world were returned, Stewart was placed into the control of the DEO, and Young Justice was born.

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