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[18:12] <teensdc> Dan?

[18:13] <teensdc> That you?

[18:13] <DCUguest21> this is me.

[18:13] <teensdc> alright. glad you got in.

[18:13] <DCUguest21> Wow. THis seems slow.

[18:13] <teensdc> Marv Wolfman had a devil of a time last week.

[18:14] <teensdc> It's a tad slow, but it's free. <g>

[18:14] <Bob3833> how are you Mr. Jurgens?

[18:14] <DCUguest21> I think doing this on AOL somehow might have worked a lot better.

[18:15] <DCUguest21> Questions, anyone?

[18:15] <teensdc> unfortunately, not all of the web fans could access aol. sorry.

[18:15] <teensdc> Any more tangent's any time soon?

[18:15] <Bob3833> what are you working on right now?

[18:16] <DCUguest21> I'm drawing a three-part arc for the Batman No Man's Land story.

[18:17] <Bob3833> not writing it?

[18:17] <teensdc> which arc?

[18:17] <DCUguest21> Also writing Thor and a couple fill-ins for Green Lantern.

[18:17] <teensdc> I read about the GL fill-ins. Which issues?

[18:17] <DCUguest21> I don't know if it has a name.

[18:18] <Bob3833> you still doing a avengers/fantastic four thing with Jerry Ordway

[18:18] <DCUguest21> Greg Rucka wrote the stories.

[18:18] <teensdc> oh. What do you think about hypertime opening the possibility of DCU meeting with Tangent characters?

[18:18] <DCUguest21> Yes.

[18:19] <DCUguest21> It's been possible all along. Hypertime is irrelevant to Tangent.

[18:19] <Bob3833> how is that working, you writing jerry drawing, other way around?

[18:20] <DCUguest21> Jerry and I will both be writing and drawing.

[18:20] <teensdc> really, howso? are you saying that Tangent/DCU crossovers were open game all the time?

[18:20] <Bob3833> when is that coming out?

[18:20] <DCUguest21> Not scheduled yet.

[18:21] <Bob3833> you going back to tangent anytime soon?

[18:21] <DCUguest21> Sure. We had a plan for Tangent and we'll stick to it. Hypertime has nothing to do with it.

[18:22] <Bob3833> how's it feel to no longer be working on superman?

[18:22] <teensdc> Especially after working on his books so long?

[18:22] <DCUguest21> I'm still working on Superman. One and a half issues to go plus some special projects.

[18:23] <DCUguest21> But it'll be exciting to do new stuff.

[18:23] <Bob3833> I got a question about teen titans for you

[18:23] <Bob3833> why did you give arsenal his red arrow costume?

[18:23] <teensdc> Having Argent on the new team must feel pretty encouraging for you.

[18:24] <Bob3833> you kind of like a prelude to kingdom come costume

[18:24] <DCUguest21> In no particular order, boecause I didn't care for the old one, it was dumb and clunky, the GA costume is a classic...

[18:25] <DCUguest21> ...and a crossbow is far less efficient than a true bow. I think it makes sense.

[18:25] <Bob3833> I thought it was cool

[18:25] <DCUguest21> These newsflashes suck!

[18:25] <Bob3833> I always liked his speedy persona better than arsenal

[18:26] <Bob3833> except for the times he was on drugs of course

[18:26] <DCUguest21> Yeah, the whole Arsenal thing never made sense for me. I don't think Roy needed the mutation.

[18:27] <teensdc> yep. they do. I loved the "red arrow" look. it would have been cool if the book had continued to have Roy as the mentor for the rookies. I got the feeling that was kind of where you were heading for a few issues.

[18:28] <Bob3833> you are doing a superman/ fantastic four thing right?

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[18:29] <DCUguest21> Yes. It ships the first of April.

[18:29] <Bob3833> do you read comics?

[18:29] <teensdc> Nik?

[18:29] <Bob3833> if so what do you read?

[18:30] <DCUguest21> Sure I read comics. Most of the main Marvel and DC and a few indy's.

[18:31] <Kon-El> Whats the story with Teen Titans/Legion? Which Titans? Which Legion? When? Why? What about?

[18:31] <teensdc> I've got a comics writing question for you. How do you approach writing a story and how do you divide the time between plotting and actually scripting?

[18:32] <DCUguest21> Current Titans, current Legion. That's all I'm saying at present!

[18:32] <teensdc> Sounds like fun

[18:32] <DCUguest21> That depends. Sometimes plots take much longer if it doesn't come together well, other times dialogue takes longer.

[18:33] <DCUguest21> It really does depend on the story.

[18:33] <teensdc> has there ever been any Titans/LSH crossover before. It seems someone would have done it years ago, it seems so natural.

[18:33] <Kon-El> WHy did Eddie Berganza fire you Dan?

[18:33] <DCUguest21> I don't believe it's ever been done.

[18:33] <Kon-El> Natural in the 70's Sean. Now it seems forced IMHO!

[18:34] <teensdc> Let's be careful with anything that might be loaded, guys!

[18:34] <teensdc> any questions, I mean.

[18:34] <DCUguest21> Kon: You'd have to ask him. As for a crossover, why does it seem forced now and not before, especially since you don't know what the story is about?

[18:35] <Kon-El> Dan: What's the word on the Sequel on Alien/Superman.

[18:35] <Kon-El> Dan, I think when they were both teens that it would have been natural. I think the concept is forced.

[18:36] <DCUguest21> I wanted to do one and wrote the story but Dark Horse has completely screwed it up. The fact that you won't see one is entirely their fault.

[18:36] <Kon-El> I may love it, I'm just not a fan of the concept. I don;t like seeing the Legion crossing over with the 20th C all the time.

[18:36] <DCUguest21> Kon: I do agree that the Legion comes back in time far too often!

[18:37] <Bob3833> in the silver age the legion was in the past every other week

[18:37] <teensdc> Actually, I'd love to see the legion crossover with YJ sometime too.. It seems almost predestined, don't ya think, with Bart's connection to XS and SB's connecton to the legion?

[18:37] <Kon-El> Dan: I think it should be a Superboy only type of thing.

[18:37] <Bob3833> but then everything was different back then

[18:37] <DCUguest21> I still don't know why YJ and TT aren't folded into one book.

[18:38] <Bob3833> dan what would you like to work on in the future?

[18:38] <Bob3833> I mean you have worked on the big guy

[18:38] <Bob3833> what could top that?

[18:38] <Kon-El> dan; do you plan on doing another Doomsday story in the future or do you think he is pLAYED OUT?

[18:38] <DCUguest21> I also think LEgion should only have one book as too many concepts are getting stretched too thin these days.

[18:39] <teensdc> probably something to do with the tones and how different DC seems to want them. Just a guess. But you're right. It's does seem kinda a natural merge.

[18:39] <DCUguest21> I think Doomsday should probably stay gone for a few years now. THere's no reason to do another one unless there's somethign new to do with him.

[18:39] <Kon-El> legion needs to go back to one book and a better writer that knows characterization like Ron Marz.

[18:39] <Kon-El> Why should YJ and Titans be one book? They are totally different

[18:40] <DCUguest21> I think Ron could do a great Legion.

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[18:40] <Kon-El> Superboy and Nightwing wouldn;t be the best matcch in the world.

[18:40] <teensdc> re: Doomsday, agreed. Though working with Braniac was a neat twist on the concept.

[18:40] <Kon-El> Just my opinion.

[18:40] <DCUguest21> Because the overall concept of Teen Titans should have Robin, S-Boy and Impulse included.

[18:40] <Bob3833> is brainiac now a robot

[18:41] <Kon-El> But even with Nightwing, Troia, Arsenal, and Flash around with SB, RObin, Wonder Girl, and Arrowette?

[18:41] <teensdc> YJ does seem more like Teen Titans than anythine else. With the exception of Secret, anyway.

[18:41] <Kon-El> SB will be a teen Titan in the past anyways during his time travels

[18:41] <DCUguest21> No. I'd dump a couple of those. Titans should be a more "pure" concept just as JLA should be.

[18:42] <Kon-El> Define Pure Concept Dan.

[18:42] <DCUguest21> Just a couple more minutes and then I have to run.

[18:42] <Bob3833> Dan do you like the current take on the JLA

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[18:43] <DCUguest21> "Greatest heroes of the DCU"--JLA. Simple, easy, pure.

[18:43] <teensdc> Ron?

[18:43] <Kon-El> So who would you have in Titans then Dan?

[18:43] <teensdc> The original seven, you mean? Or others included to be the greatest?

[18:44] <teensdc> And did you write the original Superman/Aliens too, Dan? I can't remember, it's been so long since I read it.

[18:44] <DCUguest21> I like the original seven. The best and the brightest.

[18:44] <DCUguest21> Yes, I wrote that.

[18:45] <teensdc> Tom Peyer mentioned once that Kara from that mini was "way, way off limits". Is S/A considered part of continuity (excluding the hypertime connection of course)?

[18:45] <Kon-El> Who would you have in your second crack at the titans d

[18:46] <DCUguest21> Yes, she's part of continuity and something I'll deal with someday.

[18:46] <Bob3833> I heard a rumor that the GA superman was coming to the sman title, any truth?

[18:46] <teensdc> cool. I think the legion fans were wanting to use her somehow as the new supergirl for the 30th century.

[18:47] <DCUguest21> Nightwing, Donna, Garth, Robin, Impulse, Kory, maybe a couple more.

[18:47] <Kon-El> Dan, what do you think of Superboy?

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[18:47] <DCUguest21> Not that I know of.

[18:47] <Wonder-boy> Um. Hey!

[18:47] <DCUguest21> Any last questions? Time for me to run

[18:47] <Kon-El> hey Bowie!

[18:47] <Wonder-boy> ....which one is Dan?

[18:47] <Kon-El> 21 is Dan.

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[18:48] <Wonder-boy> Okay -- I have a question, Dan!

[18:48] <teensdc> Welcome wonder twins?

[18:48] <Wonder-boy> It's about Thor. Does your Thor have the powers of telepathy and communication with animals he had inherited from his original two human forms of Siegfreid and Sigmund?

[18:48] <Kon-El> Who wants to see SUperboy and Wonder Girl hook up?

[18:48] <Wonder-boy> Me me me!

[18:49] <Bob3833> no thanks

[18:49] <DCUguest21> No, he does not.

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[18:49] <Wonder-boy> Okay. Damn.

[18:49] <teensdc> thanks Dan, one last question from me...

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[18:49] <Wonder-boy> Damn damn damn....

[18:49] <wondyman> hello everyone

[18:49] <Kon-El> I figure we can;t have SupoerMAN and Wonder WOMan, so why not supoer boy and Wonder GIRL

[18:49] <Wonder-boy> Yeah!

[18:49] <teensdc> If you had a chance to do fill in on Titans, would you take it to get a chance to write Argent again?

[18:50] <Kon-El> dan, since Eddie fired you will you want to do any more of his tangent projects/

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