Real Name: Melanie

Occupation: Adventurer. Ex-Head of Security for Zachary Rayner's Military Installation.

Marital Status: Single. {conjectured}

Known Relatives: Unknown.

Group Affiliations: Intelligence Agenices with Alphabet letters for names. Worked for "Aaron Rayner" (actually Zachary Rayner) as head of his security.

Base of Operations: Worldwide.

Current Status: Active.

First Appearance: GREEN LANTERN #77 (1996)

Height: 5' 5" Weight: 115 lbs.

Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond

Birthplace: Unknown

Special Powers:
Crackshot is an expert with pistols and other firearms. She is also a trained martial artist

Little has been revealed about Crackshot. She is a young lady that is an expert marksman with her pistols. She travels a thin line between being a "good girl/bad girl". Melanie is known to use deadly force.

Crackshot was originally hired to be the Head of Security for "Aaron Rayner's" secret military government installation. Her "Sweet young thing" appearance is very deceptive in that she is very deadly. Originally, she was ordered to execute Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) but could not foce herself to do it once she confronted him. Her sexual response from Connor's presence made her forget her duties and made her an enemy of "Aaron" Rayner. She teamed up with Connor, Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern), and Eddie Fyers to take on Zachary Rayner.

Her sexual desire for Connor has clouded some of her toughness. She is insistent on becoming both Green Arrow's lover and his partner in "adventuring". Several times in their original meeting, Connor resisted temptations with her telling Melanie that he is not the love them and leave them man his father Oliver Queen was. Melanie is insistent that this would be OK with her.

Recently, Crackshot travelled to San Francisco to see Connor again. Once more she put on her sexual charms to hit on Connor but he resisted once more. Melanie has begun to change a bit. With some of the same effects that Connor had on Eddie Fyers in taking the cold hearted killer out of him, Connor has started to do the same with Melanie.

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