Times Remembered
Chapter One
by Craig Young

The year is 2048. The world is a different place then it was 50 years ago. The teen heroes of that era, have retired to bring forth a new age of heroics for there children and grandchildren. Heroes such as Superman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern and many others, have continued the long history even today into the 21st Century. Many good men and women have given there lives for there costumes.

In a small club outside Metropolis, the Kryptonite Cafe, an older gentleman enters the cafe and sits down. He is a quiet man. A man, he is taking his semiretirement well. For 30 years, he was a hero. He went by many names, "The Boy Wonder," Robin, Red Wing.....in the end, to his enemies, he was The Batman, to his friends, he was Tim Drake.

It had been 15 years since the Bruce and Selina Wayne retired..leaving the mantle to his partner Red Wing, and his lovely wife, the second Huntress, Stephanie Drake, the former Spoiler. Now, in his older age, Tim and Stephanie Drake have retired there uniforms, only too pass down there heritage to there son Robert and there daughter Nicole...the new Batman and Robin.

Tim Drake smiles as one of his best friends enters the cafe.

"Clark... you don't look a day past 15," Time Drake laughs as he stands to shake the hand of the man, the is close enough to call a brother.

"Funny Drake, at least my costumes didn't make me look like a circus freak." The hero formally known as Superboy exclaimed.

"How's the future looking these days ... are you still with Lori?"

"The future is looking good, its kinda hard living up to Clark's legend, but after Clark and Lois adopted me, I became adopted into the Superman name. But I don't have to tell you about living up to anyone legend. How is Gotham?"

"Gotham is quiet, these days. After the "War of the Heroes", Metahuman and supervillain crimes have decreased in my area."

After that statement, both men, look down. The War of the Heroes, was one of the worst battles in history. Heroes against Heroes, Villains against villains, friend against friend. For both Robin and Superboy, this was the baptism by fire into adulthood, and issued in the new age of heroes.

"So, I hear Robert and Nicole have been keeping the town in line." Clark Jr. asked as he sipped his coffee.

"Yeah, there doing the name proud, and I hear Young Justice is making quite a name for themselves."

"We have good kids, and hopefully, the won't get into as much mischief as we did." Clark said with a laugh.

"Speaking of laughs...where is Bart?" Tim said?

No sooner did Tim say the words, then did the former Impulse, show up sipping a coke with a smile on there face, as Tim and Clark looked at each other and laughed.

"Whats so funny guys?" Bart asked with a strange smile.

"Well, Speedy.... make any run for the borders lately?" Clark asked with a laugh.

"Oh the sombrero, sorry I needed to run to Mexico, ever have a taste for churros?" Bark asked.

"Um, Bart, you've been here for 50 years, ever here of Taco Bell?" Tim asked and a laugh in his voice.

"Yup, but...where could I get the cool hat?" Bart asked.

Both Tim and Clark looked as each other and couldn't help but laugh. Soon Bart jumped in and all three remembered why they were as good friends, as there predecessors. The former Superman, Batman and Flash had been as close as there kids, nephews and wards. As are there kids now.

Suddenly a newscast comes over with an emergency bulletin. "A mysterious new Supervillain, has waged war with with the heroes of Metropolis. Currently engaged in battle with this mystery villian are the teams of Young Justice, as well as Batman and the new team of the Ravers. At the current time, there are some heroes down, from the carnage it looks like whomever this guy here, he is definitely powerful, in fact he... whoa watch out...." The telecast ends with an explosion and suddenly just a blank screen.

"Guys ... the kids are there," Tim Drake said with a sudden concern.

"Ok lets look at the odds, Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash, Mist, and Lady Marvel are all in this... I say, Robin and I come in airborne and Bart, you come in like lightning, get anyone thats hurt out of the area. Superboy and I will play power on whoever this guy is. Tim, find your niece and have her rally the rest of Young Justice, does this plan work?" Clark asked?

"Yeah...but isn't Superboy the leader of Young Justice?" Tim asked inquisitively.

"Tim, Clark Jr. acts just like me, Robin the teams straigist and leader, well talk later. All right lets slip out of here and go for it, team, remember, this is the kids fight, we come in on second string and unseen, Impulse, that means unseen speedy, go it? "

"Got it big S!" Impulse said mock sluteing.

"OK, Bart go for it, will meet you there." Tim said, as the walked out the door.

Five minutes later in flight towards Metropolis....

"Clark, I'm a little worried about this, I think I recognized that guy, Clark, do you remember Chronos?"

"The time guy?"

"Yeah, Clark, this could be a lot bigger then it looks, remember Zero Hour, with Hal Jordan, and the time lines, and your battle with that other Superboy, and me teaming with Dick? This could be major."

"Tim, maybe it will be a good idea to get the kids out of there first, and call in the Legionnaires or Titans, or the Justice League, or something. About 1 minute until we were are at fighting point ... any thoughts my friend?"

"Yeah, I'm too old for this s..."

The end of his statement was lost to the wind as the sounds of explosions are battle take place. Heroes attacking unified against a blur of energy in the shape of an adult man, but the man barely notices ... in fact his own target seems to be with the members of Young Justice. This battle started out with Young Justice, The JLA, and Titans, and now all that remains is are the members of Young Justice, and a few rogue heroes such as the latest incarnations of Green Arrow, Elastic Girl, and Hellfire. Suddenly the calvarade of the older Young Justice arrives.

"Impulse come in, Robin, rally your team!" Tim said, now clad in his Batman costume.

No sooner said, then the attention of Robin turns from the enemy and yells... "Rally Young Jus...AHHHHHHHHHHHH".

"ROBIN!!!!!!" Tim screams, as he races to his niece who is covered in this erie parallelizing light.

No sooner said, then Impulse at warp speed flies toward the stasis field that holds Robin.

"Hold on Robin, uncle Bart's coming to save you." Impulse said, gritting his teeth as he raced towards Robin.

Suddenly with a twist of the entities hand, Robin starts to shimmer, as Tim pounds into the stasis field, as Impulse suddenly shimmers through the stasis field, but suddenly, both Robin and Bart, both start to shimmer from inside the field

"Daddy help mmmeee.....", Robin crys as her and Impulse fade from existence.

Now all is left is a stunned group of heroes, and empty shell of energy, and smug villain, and an angry father.

"Young Justice" Tim yells, "line up, pair up, rally and attack!!!".

And with that the war continues in the next issue.

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