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Peter David

TUSW/DCUNG: What was the deciding factor on your choice to write YOUNG JUSTICE? What attracted you the team?

PAD: The opportunity to write a series that was aimed at a general audience, rather than the older readership that I tend to skew towards. DC said they were hoping to use this book to entertain not only older readers, but younger readers who might not be reading any of the books featuring Robin, Superboy or Impulse. I think we desperately need new, younger readers because the current audience is aging out and I don't see replacements coming in. If I can contribute to bringing in new, young readers, I'm honored to do so.

TUSW/DCUNG: Which member and future member is your favorite, and why?

PAD: Too early to tell. I like Impulse particularly, but I'm starting to warm to Arrowette. Very sassy.

TUSW/DCUNG: Speaking of future members, Secret and Inferno were set up to join the team, will this be happening anymore? Why or why not?

PAD: Secret, Yes. Inferno, no. I want to limit the membership to six at this point.

TUSW/DCUNG: There has been a large letter writing campaign for having Damage be a member of the team, is this going to happen anytime in the near future?

PAD: Again, this is the danger of writing a team book. Everyone wants their favorite characters in. We need to pick and choose, and although I wouldn't rule out a guest shot, there are no plans for Damage at this point.

TUSW/DCUNG: Will the membership be rotating, or will it be set? How many members do you plan on having in the team?

PAD: Set. There will be six on the team as of issue #5...well, six kids, plus the Tornado.

TUSW/DCUNG: Do you plan on working in any romances between the future female members and any of the boys? If so, what couplings do you foresee?

PAD: Well, Wonder Girl is extremely interested in Superboy, and Superboy is extremely interested in Arrowette. Secret kind of likes Robin, but Robin is unaware. And Impulse is completely out of the romance loop. Just doesn't seem right somehow.

TUSW/DCUNG: What do you find to be the easiest and hardest thing about writing the book?

PAD: The easiest is the stories themselves, both because I'm having fun doing it, and because I'm making such a point of tossing aside standard comic requirements such as rigid continuity (having Fite N' Maad show up half a world away in issue #2 with no explanation, for instance) that it's very liberating. The hardest is dealing with fans who think that doing such a thing is sacrilegious.

TUSW/DCUNG: What is it like writing two of the Superman Family? What do you feel are the similarities and differences between Supergirl and Superboy?

PAD: They have similar costumes, but hers is dumpier. Other than that, they're pretty dissimilar.

TUSW/DCUNG: Who is your favorite and least favorite teen hero? Why?

PAD: Of all time? The original Robin, Dick Grayson. Least? Probably Terra.

TUSW/DCUNG: What is going to make this such a great team?

PAD: The wonderful characters that DC has given me, the valuable input that the writers of those characters have provided, Eddie Berganza's editorial direction, and of course the superb storytelling of Todd Nauck or...as he likes me to call him...Mr. Nauck.

TUSW/DCUNG: You have spoken about CM3(Ugh! icky name!) replacing Superboy in one issue when SB quits, do you think there is a place for a Capt. Marvel on any team in the DCU? They seem to always be left out!

PAD: I said that they overlap and therefore I wouldn't be too jazzed about having them both on the same team for any extended period. If I did say that, then it was a throwaway idea, and I have no trouble throwing it really really far.

TUSW/DCUNG: Any chance we will see a story with this team as the future's JLA? How do you picture the team in 20 years?

TUSW/DCUNG: Aw, jeez, Nik...I dunno. This team is so volatile I'm still trying to figure out how to picture them in 20 issues, much less twenty years.

TUSW/DCUNG: Any plans for any crossovers with Gen-X? JLA? Titans? Gen 13? A-Next?

PAD: Gen-X, no. JLA will show up in issue #6. Titans, not at the moment, but probably soon. Gen 13, no. A-Next, no.

TUSW/DCUNG: Will you be using mostly established villains such as Match (SB's evil clone), the Reverse Impulse, Anarky, etc. or will it be more new villains?

PAD: Probably leaning more towards new bad guys specifically tailored to the group.

TUSW/DCUNG: What guest stars can we look forward to in the first year or two of your run?

PAD: Mxy shows up in issue #3, the JLA is in issue #6, Max Mercury, Dubbelix, and a few others show up in #7. Not sure who else yet.

TUSW/DCUNG: There was a lot of talk about using Static from the Milestone Universe as either a guest star or member. videntially Dwayne McDuffy gave it an okay, but is there any chance of this great idea seeing fruition?

PAD: If Static does show up, it would be as a guest star. As I said, I'm trying to keep the group membership limited.

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