Superboy's Summer
(Part Three)
by Disc678

And so it went for the next three weeks, everyday Superboy would recount his many adventures to ma and pa Kent, who would in turn tell Superboy what he could have done differently. Every evening Kal would go out with Laura and the piercing pair of eyes would watch them. The eyes saw them at the movies, they watched Kal meet Laura's family, they saw the happy couple stargaze in the hills after they spent the day hiking. Superboy was genuinely happy.

One night Laura took Kal to meet her friends at a party. It was at Andrea's house, whoever she was, her parents were gone for the weekend. Kal and Laura trudged through the crowd of beer drinking, music bumping teenagers. Somehow they lost each other, so Kal decided to mingle. Kal walked around smiling and talking when he was pulled into a bedroom. He was surprised to find that the person who pulled him in was a guy! He had red hair and blue eyes, he was taller than Kal and more muscular.

"You're Laura's new boyfriend." he commanded.

"That's me, are you a fan?" Kal quipped.

"Not exactly, I'm Daniel, the ex-boyfriend." He retotrted.

At this Kal became a bit worried, he didn't wan't to have to hurt some kid on his vacation. To Kal's surprise, Daniel wasn't looking for a fight. Instead he told Kal that he broke up with Laura, so there was no competition. Also, he led Kal out into the back yard where three other boys were sitting and drinking.

"Kal, these are the guys, Jared, Brian, and Carl." Daniel introduced.

"Hey, whats up" Each one nonchalantly said in turn. To which Kal responded identically.

"Hey guys, doesn't Kal look like a smart kid?" Began Daniel,

"Why I'll bet you get straight a's."

Superboy knew where this was going, they wanted something from him. It was the same routine Rex used to go through to get him to do stuff. His curiosity was peaked, he decided to play along.

"Yeah well I'm not all brains, I've been known to take my punches."

"I'll bet, you know we're all on the football team at smallville high."said Daniel.

"And you see our grades this semester weren't all that great."Brian added.

"My point" continued Daniel "is that tomorrow grades become final, so that means our last chance to raise our grades is tonight."

"How are you going to do that, school has been over for weeks?" Kal naively asked

Daniel continued explaining his plan to Kal, he said they would break in to the school and change the grades from the computer. When Kal asked what he'd get in return, they told him he'd get his reward when they got there. They agreed to meet in two hours outside the schools main office.

Two minutes later Kal met back up with Laura, he decided to play detective. He asked her about Daniel, she told him, he was her ex-boyfriend, she'd broken up with him when he tried to pressure her into sex. Also, he'd benn threatening any guy who wanted to be with her since then.

Kal knew he was walking into some sort of ambush. He took Laura home early, which made her upset, but her parents happy. Then he flew to the Kent's as fast a he could. He wanted to make a plan, he started by talking with Jon and Martha about how to stop them and keep his identity secret. They told him that his greatest advanage over Superman is that he can control specific things around him. They were clearly giving him hints, the Kent's are very creative people. Jon took him outside and showed him the pile of straw next to the chicken coop. Jon told Kal to touch the straw and then feed all of the horses at once, and to touch the tractor and plow the land simultaneously.

Excited at the challenge, Kal started immediately. He found it was like patting your head and rubbing your stomach, it just kept getting easier.

Suddenly Martha came out,"It's time to go Superboy, give 'em hell"

"Good luck kid." Jon followed.

"Thanks guys, I'll be back before you can sing Bohemian Rhapsody eighty some odd times." with that, Superboy disappeared into the purple sky.

To be continued ...

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