Hailing from tropical islands on a world far from this one, Finale's given name is Pahe Leilani Fava'ela. She came here with Sovereign Seven wielding her sword, but can also master any weapon she touches. Fast and graceful, on land or in the sea, Finale is as deadly as she is beautiful. Her ornately tattooed costume hides the horrible truth of a secret which threatens to consume her very soul and destroy everyone around her. Quiet and serious, she closes herself off in mind as well as body, afraid to allow anyone to get too close for fear of the day when her deadly secret is revealed. The rest of the team would gladly help her if she would only let them.

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NOTE:  All pictures used on this page came from the DC Online area of AOL, or were scanned from DC comic books, and are the property of DC Comics and the various artists. Bio information is taken from the Sovereign Seven preview slicks.