Real Name: ???? 
Age: 16 
Height: Big
Weight: Bigger
Hair: White 
Eyes: White, normally, red, when the beast within is active
Super Powers: Fringe is incredibly strong, undeniably the strongest current Titan in terms of physical strength alone. He also has a feral sense of battle that can be both an asset and a hindrance in a battle. In addition to his powers, something else exists inside him that he can conjure up when he is frightened or angered -- a dangerous and deadly something that he can't control once it's unleashed. Only by calming Fringe down does the conjured-up creature disappear. 
Special Abilities: n/a 
First Appearance: Teen Titans #5

Origin: Fringe was another baby born from a human/H'san Natall mating. When he was conceived, Fringe's earthly "father" was convinced the child was a monster, cursed by God, and persauded the child's mother to drown the chiled in a Leesburg river. Baby Fringe was saved by the creature living inside him and managed to grow up and survive like a wild animal. He was later captured by Jugular, the H'san Natall's hunter, and eventually joined the Teen Titans after sharing an adventure with Supergirl and Prysm. 

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