Real Name:   Ross Richman
Age:  14 (?)
Hair:  Brown 
Eyes:  Brown
Super Powers:  Hardrock can turn his body into an almost indestructable rock, and in that state, he's super strong. He also can transmute any material he touches into rock. 
Special Abilities:  none 

First Appearance:  Showcase '96 #8  
Origin:  Ross found an amulet in a fallen meteor, and when he put it on, he gained the power to become Hardrock. For a while, he let his desire to be popular get the best of him, and he let some 'friends' pressure him into using his powers to vandalize and steal. Superboy and Superman managed to convince him to distance himself from his so-called friends, and even help catch them and turn them in to the proper authorities. Since then, Hardrock has been known to hang with the Superboy and the Ravers from time to time.

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