Real Name:  Unknown
Age:  ?? (Probably around 15-17)
Height:  ??
Weight:  ??
Hair:  Blonde
Eyes:  Blue
Super Powers:  Jamm has only one power. The ability to control peoples actions. With a word, he can get beings to do his bidding. It works only on organic creatures. Most likely, only an extremely strong willed creature could resist.

Also has a hoverboard, which allows him to fly, in a way.

Origin:  San Franciscan, "Jamm", was a grunging teenager. Riding away from his stepfather and mother on Fisherman's Wharf, he stopped to help the woman who, unknown to him, was the "Skidrow Killer" (Read: Bloodlines).

Riding off in anger as his help was not needed, he ended on the highway. Crashing he landed in a dumpster. Awaking later, he saved a homeless man from his death at the hands of "The Skidrow Killer", only to be saved likewise by the Legion's Timberwolf. Through a stroke of luck and comic book storytelling, he, timberwolf, and the monsterous Skidrow Killer, were transported into the thirtieth century and into the laps of the Legion of Superheroes. Jamm was wounded in the back by the beast's tongue, but saved the day by ordering the beast back through the portal, as his power manifested.

He awoke in the Legion's medbay, under their care and with a universal translator on. Using his powers accidentally, again, he got into a spaceship and was flown to a space-beach of sorts. Then was taken to meet Valor, and had Valor come with them on Jamm's universal wildride. They then went to The World of A Thousan Pasts, and then to the Amazonian World, Aarok.

On Aarok, Valor tried to teach Jamm responsibility, and Jamm ran off with Tasmia, ditching him. There, Tasmia used her power to it's fullest, and trapped him in a darkness and silence, an ultimate torture. Once he got out, he ordered her never to use her power again. Then, taken to Legion's Headquarters, he took up fooling around with Andromeda and Apparition. He fought a hard-holo, and than acquired a hoverboard.

He than partied with Victims of Society. After the party, Valor convinced Jamm to use his powers to do good. Which didn't turn out to well. Back on the ship, he had them take him towards Weber's World, In hope of becoming a universal leader so he could "fix" everything. On the way, they encountered the dead daxamite bodies, with full daxamite powers. Who proceeded to rip the ship apart.

To escape, Jamm ordered them to put the pedal to the metal, and ended up approaching the sun quickly. He then ordered Tasmia to not obey him anymore, along with the other occupants. And Tasmia and Lydda worked together, to escape danger by slingshotting the ship around the sun, and out of it's pull. After being brought to safety, they forced Jamm to go back to his time, and to behave himself. Of course, Jamm did take the hoverboard with him.

Um, The End?

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