An DCU:NG Email Interview
with Geoff Johns

Sean: Now that Courtney's got a few issues behind her, what's your take on her relationships with her mom and step-dad? Will those relationships be changing even more in the months to come?

Geoff: The entire household will be going through big changes in the coming months, beginning with Pat's son moving in next month.

Sean: As a member of the new JSA, what exactly motivates Courtney to put her life on the line? I mean, we've seen what she's like -- basically selfish, self-serving, self-centered, and all kinds of other words that begin with self, like many real teenagers -- so what is it she hopes to gain from her time there?

Geoff: Take another look at Courtney, Sean. I think Courtney is still trying to find her "family" in the world and I think the JSA offers her part of that family aspect that she THINKS is missing from her life. We'll be seeing much more in the coming months.

Sean: What are Courtney's feeling for her teammates? Atom Smasher?

Geoff: She loves Al. If she were a little older there might be something there -- and vice versa.

Sean: Sentinel?

Geoff: Undefeatable. He always knows exactly what to do.

Sean: Black Canary?

Geoff: A role model. She's cool, tough and a woman. But can Courtney ever become as professional and experienced as Dinah? She hopes so.

Sean: Jack Knight?

Geoff: A big brother. A big ANNOYING brother. . .but a cute one.

Sean: Wildcat?

Geoff: A lovable grump. He might seem tough but she knows he's a softy. Right?

Sean: Flash?

Geoff: He's always got a smile on his face, it seems. She'd hate to make Jay mad.

Sean: Hawkgirl?

Geoff: A potential friend. She's only a few years older than Court, even though she acts a lot older.

Sean: Dr. Fate?

Geoff: A little wierded out, though she won't admit it. She's not sure what to think about a reincarnated magician.

Sean: Sand?

Geoff: She's not sure what to expect from this guy. He keeps to himself for a "leader." Court's sure Sand is more confused than she is.

Sean: Hourman?

Geoff: Doesn't get him yet. She's worried that, because he's an android, Hourman's perfect. And he makes her look even less than what she is. . .but it's hardly the case.

Sean: The Young Justice appearance was a hoot. Any chance of seeing Courtney interact with them again or with any other DC teen heroes such as Argent, Damage, or even some of the seemingly forgotten characters like Anima and Dan Jurgen's Titans?

Geoff: You'll see Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. interacting with Argent and Damage in the DCU Secret Files 2000 out next week as a matter of fact! And Court will be meeting just about every other teen hero in the Sins of Youth event in March.

Sean: What upcoming adventures can we expect to see Courtney take in the coming months?

Geoff: In S&S, Blue Valley will be disrupted as much as Court's homelife. The threat within Blue Valley will soon explode and new help will come in to confront it. We'll also see S.T.R.I.P.E.'s origin.

In JSA, the Kid will be going for an adventure like no other -- to hunt down Extant. This will leave a large impression on her -- and she'll learn the biggest lesson of her life.

Sean: How about a date issue, or even a downtime issue?

Geoff: Hopefully soon, around #14.

Sean: Suppose you're casting the Star Spangled Kid movie... Who's a shoe-in for Courtney? Pat?

Geoff: Yikes! Not sure on this one. . . Anyone have ideas?

Sean: Back to JSA, will there be changes in the direction of the book now that you and Goyer are writing it?

Geoff: I think we're just trying to keep the focus on DC's greatest team -- hopefully readers will get a greater sense of teammanship, character development and adventures that will challenge the JSA into the next millinium.

Sean: What role does each member fulfill on the team? Leaders, brains, heart, etc.

Geoff: We'll leave THAT for the series. I think the members are still figuring that out themselves.

Sean: Tell us a little about the awe you must feel being able to work with THE DC superteam, who preceded even the JLA.

Geoff: It's my dream title. I can't think of a better book to work on. Truly.

Sean: You also worked with Ben Raab on the Beast Boy mini. What was that like? Where did you get the idea for taking a character like Changeling and putting him in his own mini?

Geoff: Working with Ben Raab is nothing but fun. We just finished this year's TITANS ANNUAL and I haven't laughed this hard in awhile. I really enjoy working with Ben -- he's got a great sense of story and character, and he thinks about every choice that is made. He just moved from New York to L.A., five minutes from my house, and we're working on a pitch for another mini-series that will hopefully see the light of day this year.

Sean: Take us through your writing process (for all the wannabe comic writers out there).

Geoff: It's different everytime. I might have a character idea or a premise or an action scene and craft the story around that. There's no step-by-step way.

Sean: Any other upcoming projects we should be saving our pennies for?

Geoff: Hmmm. . .Sins of Youth: Starwoman and the Junior Society of America is gonna be fun. And in April, I'll be pinch-hitting on Impulse! Max Mercury and S.T.R.I.P.E. will swap sidekicks for a day.

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