Real Name: Isaiah Crockett  
Age: 16  
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Brown  
Eyes: Brown
Super Powers: Joto can generate enormous amounts of heat from his hands. He must be touching an object to melt it, though. He can also -- simply by touching an object -- sense things about it in his mind. To do this, he sends a heat pulse along the object and then summons it back, and can gain information about the object. This ability also allows him to "see" through walls. 
Special Abilities: n/a 
First Appearance: Teen Titans #1

Origin: Isaiah came from a stable, middle-class family. When his mother and "father" were married, his mother was already pregnant with Isaiah -- another human/H'san Natall mating. Judge Crockett chose to raise Isaiah as his own, and tried to instill in the boy a deep sense of right and wrong. Always enthralled by the exploits of Earth's superbeings, Isaiah was troubled by the lack of African American heroes, and now has a chance to be a role model to others. 

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