An DCU:NG Email Interview
with Dan Jurgens

Sean: How did you land the gig on Aquaman?

Dan: The book's editor, Kevin Dooley, called me up to say that Erik Larsen was leaving the title and wanted me to be the new writer. I gave it some thought, told him what I wanted to accomplish with the book and we moved forward from there.

Sean: Tell us a little bit about how you approach Arthur as a character.

Dan: First of all, it seems to me that we've had years and years of Arthur being totally sullen and morose over the loss of his son. That's certainly valid and understandable, but I think we need to move on and see more of the heroic qualities he possesses. He's a king. People respond to him. I see him a well accepted leader of a free people and I want to play up that majestic side of him.

Sean: Peter played up the King Arthur angle and Erik the king-as-politician angle. What's your angle?

Dan: Some of the same, though I fully intend to bring Atlantis into much greater contact with the surface world. Not just as a political entity, but a city of interest to the rest of the world. Do rich people go to Atlantis for exotic vacations? Does Luthor have an undersea interest there? Does Atlantis have hotels? Televisions? Do Atlanteans watch X-Files? Do they compete in any Olympic events?

Sean: How about the supporting cast? What's up with them? Mera? Tempest? Dolphin? Koryak? Vulko? Indigo? Letifos?

Dan: Mera, Tempest, Dolphin and Vulko will play strong roles. Koryak, Indigo and Letifos won't.

Sean: How closely will you be tying to the Titans book, since Tempest plays such a big role in both that and Aquaman?

Dan: Tempest is an Aquaman character so they'll follow our lead. I think you'll see some interesting developments with Garth starting in our first issue, #63.

Sean: Do you plan on keeping the love/just-friends relationship with Arthur and Mera up or give it some closure?

Dan: I'll be dealing with the relationship from square one. Stay tuned.

Sean: And what of new characters like the Landlovers, featuring Young Justice guest-star, Lagoon Boy?

Dan: I'll be moving on from that.

Sean: Do you have any plans to use your characters again who failed in their quest of Teen Titans membership -- Kid Emotion, the Solution, and Sweet 16?

Dan: Not at present.

Sean: What can you tell us of you first few issues at the helm of Aquaman?\

Dan: That the book will be quite changed from what you've seen before, though quite consistent with the characterizations of the past.

Sean: Any other projects coming up we should be keeping our eyes open for?

Dan: Captain America, Thor, Fantastic Four: The Domination Factor and Titans/Legion: Universe Ablaze.

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