First appearance: Superboy and the Ravers #1

Created by Karl Kesel, Steve Mattsson and Paul Pelletier


Alter Ego: None

Occupation: Adventurer

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: None

Group Affiliation: The Ravers

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Eyes: Black

Hair: None


Kaliber is the only member of the Earth clique not from earth. A renegade Qwardian, Kaliber upheld earth values over the evil deceitful Qwardian ideology valued on his planet. He considered Superboy one of the greatest heroes in the universe, and Superboy loved the compliment. Kaliber is hated on Qward, since he attempts to change his planet's values to more like that on earth, and he strives to be as heroic as earth's greatest heroes. Kaliber had the ability to grow to be as large or as small as he wanted, as well as carry an anti-matter cannon, which could potentially blast anyone or anything into pieces.

During the event known as "Genesis," Kaliber was one of the elite forces of heroes sent to confront the power of the source to prevent Darkseid's "fifth age" from transforming and perverting the universe. "The Godwave," the power from the source, hit all htese many different heroes and affected them differently. Kaliber was hit in the eyes and as a result has lost all use of his vision and is permanently blind. He did get to keep a lovely Mother Box for his efforts!

Since this blindness was caused by a force of nature responsible for all major power in the universe, blindness is a relative term. Kaliber can now see with his mind's eye: Things ordinary poeple are unable to see he can. He only recently discovered this ability when he was fighting aliens known as "Predators" on Qward. Sparx's powers were burning out of control, and the light was so bright no one could see her, except Kaliber. Another aspect of Kaliber´s newfound powers mainfested when Half-Life was killed during the battle. Somehow Kaliber was able to sense Half-Life´s spirit and Kaliber let him guide him and direct his attacks. The full extent of these newfound powers have yet to be seen.

Kaliber was once the anarchist of qward. For his efforts at saving his brothers from their peril he is now considered their saviour.

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