An DCU:NG Email Interview
with Erik Larsen

Sean: Now that you've got a few Aquaman issues under your belt, has your outlook and direction for the book and characters changed at all?

Erik: It's all going according to plan.

Sean: You've created three new supporting character who appear to been new DC teens, Lagoon Boy, Shiva, and Blubber. What are your plan for these characters? Are they to be major co-stars or minor characters?

Erik: It's Aquaman's book-- the second tier would be Garth, Dolphin, Mera and the third tier would include the Landlovers, Vulko and Deep Blue. Beyond that, there are other levels as well.

Sean: With Lagoon Boy visiting the YJ boys and girls, is there some idea about having him pop in to join the team again later, to perhaps lend the "Aqualad" presence to the "JLA Jr." feel of the book?

Erik: If there is-- it hasn't been mentioned to me.

Sean: With all the new characters, what's up with the rest of PAD's supporting cast? Tempest? Dolphin? Deep Blue? Power Girl? Neptune Perkins? Koryak? And my fave of them, Deep Blue?

Erik: They'll all show up space and editor permitting.

Sean: What's the reaction been so far from fans after the change in direction?

Erik: Generally, fans don't like change unless a book is just falling apart and many Aquaman readers were big Peter David fans. Needless to say, I'm not Peter-- so they're not happy. The new fans that have come on board seem to like it.

Sean: Oh my gosh! The hook's gone. And so is the beard and long hair! Why the drastic change in look for the sea king? Does the change from the King Arthur look signal a change from the King Arthur tone to the more political unrest and soap opera relationships tone that you've established in the current direction (citing "racial" squirmishes in the city and the Arthur/Mera/Noble triangle and Dophin/Garth thing)?

Erik: No, no-- I just wanted to shake things up a bit-- nothing is forever and this too shall pass.

Sean: Any hints as to what's coming up in the book?

Erik: At this point, I'm still expanding the rogues gallery and fleshing out the world as we know it. Garth and Dolphin will be tying the knot shortly but my main thrust is to expand the book.

Sean: Any other projects we should be looking for?

Erik: Nova, Wolverine and Savage Dragon would be a good place to start.

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