An Exclusive DCUNG/TUSW
Email Roundtable
withTom Peyer and Jeff Moy

After Zero Hour wiped out the future of the DCU, Legion of Super Heroes fans were left with nothing but memories of their favorite characters and stories. In a bold move, DC decided to scrap all the old continuity and start all over with a brand new legion (which looked remarkably similar to the old one, with a few major differences. At it's helm has been the creative team of the team of Toms. Peyer and McCraw has infused new life into the teens of the 30th century and both Legionnaires and Legion of Super Heroes have become must-read books. Luckily we were able to get one of the Toms (Peyer), along with artist extraordinaire Jeff Moy to take some time to time to tell us about themselves and the books.

DCU-NG/TUSW: What first got you interested in comics, both as a hobby and as a career?

TP: George Reeves as Superman on TV. I was five. ‘Nuff said.

JM: I was a kid, kids read comics, I just kept reading them. :) As for a career, we all have to do something and this was something that I worked hard to get into.

DCU-NG/TUSW: What was your first professional work in comics?

TP: I did a comic strip for the Syracuse New Times for about a dozen years, if that counts. My first mainstream comic book work came about in the late 80s when I assisted the busy Roger Stern on those two-page Superman strips in Action Comics Weekly. I started making a steady living from comics when DC’s Karen Berger hired me onto be her editorial staff in 1990; I stayed there for about three years. What was the question?

JM: It was some stuff over at Comico/ Northstar. A couple four pages dealing with ghosts and zombies.

DCU-NG/TUSW: I hear theres a chance that Supergirl might get involved in the next Superboy/LSH crossover (I'd love for her to see the post-anamoly Brainy, especially after their first meeting in the 20th Century). That would really call back the old days of LSH. Will it and could it happen soon?

JM: That's up to the Tom and the rest of the writers. :) I'll be happy to draw it if they do it.

TP: It could. We’re working things out at the moment. If not now, it’ll probably happen eventually. I’d like to write as many Brainy/Supergirl stories as possible. He is such a loser in her presence...

DCU-NG/TUSW: It's been way too long since we say Superboy with the Legion. Are there any longer SB/LSH crossovers coming up?

JM: See answer to #3. :p

TP: We’ll try to do them every so often. I’d like to say once a year, but it’s harder now to cram annual events into storylines than it was in the old days. With multi-part stories the norm, a year’s worth of comics doesn’t track as big a chunk of time as it used to. You run the risk of characters saying, “Superboy again? Didn’t we just trick him into going home the night before last?”

DCU-NG: What is SB's "place" in the Legion, and how is he seen by the other Legionnaires? Do they tend to think of him with respect or as a cut-up and slacker?

TP: A cut-up and a slacker they respect. A person who frequently annoys, but is obviously sincere and well-intentioned, and, most importantly, always comes through in the end.

JM: From what I know, he's an honorary Legionnaire, not really an offical member, since he's in the 20th century. Each of the Legionnaries have their own opinions about him. Some like him, lust after him, dislike him, respect him, and some probably couldn't care less about him. I'll let you all figure out which feeling goes with who. :)

DCU-NG/TUSW: When they do meet, will he wear the LSH costume that was designed for him?

JM: Dunno, I'll find out when that script hits my desk .

TP: Alex Ross designed it for KINGDOM COME, and it’s beautiful. If we can think of a story reason for Superboy to put it on, I’m all for using it.

DCU-NG/TUSW: Can we please see him and Triad (any or all of them) go on a date?

TP: You shouldn't beg for dates. At least not in public.

JM: Once again, see the answer to question #3 :)

DCU-NG/TUSW: Any plans for Thunder in the near future? Jerry Ordway said she would be free after he used her soon in Power of Shazam.

TP: You’ll see her as soon as we can devote an entire issue to introducing her. Later this year.

JM: Tom said she'll be coming 'round the mountian when she comes, she'll be coming 'round the mountian when she comes, she'll be coming 'round the mountain,she'll be coming 'round the mountian when she comes. ...:) Most likely after we finish the Dark Circle stuff.

DCU-NG/TUSW: What's in store for the Legion? Will we ever see the Time Trapper soon, or are you just teasing us with the timeslip stories? Any return of Mordru? Will the Amethyst tie-in come back into play (she needs a home again in this post-Zero Hour world)?

JM: Hmmm, good questions. Too bad I have no answers. :)

TP: You’d probably get a straighter answer if you directed those questions to White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry. We go to some trouble -- and I’m not complaining, mind you -- to make these stories surprising, so I would never undo our efforts by revealing important story details in advance, like Who Is The Surprise Villain and When Is S/he Showing Up. I will say that no one on the team has, to my knowledge, given much thought to Amethyst, which doesn’t necessarily mean no one has. As for what’s in store for the Legion, we’re working on a big epic that threads through both titles and after it ends (in LSH #107) we’re going to split the books up and pursue separate tracks for a while; maybe six months. LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES might focus on the Legionnaires stationed on Outpost Allon; LEGIONNAIRES might concentrate on those posted at the Earth HQ. Or the other way around. What was the question?

DCU-NG/TUSW: Will any other pre-reboot Legion members be joining the Legion again soon? Folks on the newsgroup are clamoring for Timberwolf and Wildfire in particular.

TP: Maybe. Heh.

JM: Don't we have enough characters in the Legion right now? Wait for us to kill off a dozen first and then we'll bring more in. :)

DCU-NG/TUSW: What's up with Dragonmage and Mysa? And Lori -- will she get to join or will she (as one rumor says) become Glorinth?

TP: What was the question?

JM: Dragonmage and Mysa are out wandering the galaxy. As for Lori, well, that's the rumor....

DCU-NG/TUSW: Since this site focuses on the teen heroes of the DCU, let's find out your feelings on how well some of the other 20th century heroes would fit in with the Legion. Robin? Damage? Wonder Girl? Impulse? Jurgen's Titans? Captain Marvel Jr.?

JM: No, dunno, yes, maybe, some of them, I'd rather have Mary Marvel :)

TP: They’d all do just fine, since they’re all such good-hearted, heroic kids. But, now that you mention hin, Impulse might not last long in the Legion, because Legionnaires like to think ahead, draw up mission plans, follow them, that kind of thing, and Impulse would probably mess up their schemes every time without meaning to. We’d have to change the title to Gilligan’s Legion. Maybe if they kept him in a cage...

DCU-NG/TUSW: Why do you think teen heroes (especially sidekicks) are becoming popular again?

TP: I don’t know, but I’m all for it as long as the stories and art are done well. I’m sure that’s what readers really want, whatever trends they happen to be chasing at the moment. Not that I have anything against trends; they can be fun, especially this hot new fad of making sexual allegations against the President.

JM: Nostalgia, I think. People that like what we're doing mostly comment that it's like how the book was when they read it, but with a twist and an olive.

DCU-NG/TUSW: Which comics or characters would you most like to have a chance to do?

TP: This might sound Mike McCurry-ish, but it's a real answer and I'm not ducking. My favorite thing right now is to work on characters I never thought I wanted to write, or could write well, and have it come out okay. I would never have said my dream is to write the Oliver Queen Green Arrow, but I recently found myself doing a story for him and I really enjoyed it. A pleasant surprise.

JM: In the drawing sense? :) I was going to try and do a Gen 13 thing but that's not possible right now. I enjoyed Fantastic Four and I wouldn't mind trying my hand at Supergirl, but I don't want to put anyone out of a job. Maybe a side story.

DCU-NG/TUSW: Any future plans or projects we should be looking for?

TP: I did a JLA: TOMORROW WOMAN comic with penciller Yannick Paquette that’s coming out soon as part of DC’s “Girl Frenzy” week. I wrote a JLA story for the 80-PAGE GIANT that’s set in the Hal, Ollie and Barry days, and a Bizarro story for another GIANT. I’m currently co-writing BIG JUSTICE with Jamie Delano; that’s a VERTIGO miniseries that will be available late Fall. It’s for you mature readers out there; I finally get to use language rougher than “sprock” and “grife.”

JM: Legion, Legion, and more Legion! :)

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