Captain Marvel, Jr.

Real Name:  Freddie Freeman  
Hair:  Black
Super Powers: He's Captain Marvel Jr. Basically, whatever Captain Marvel can do, Jr. can do it too, only not as fully. He's strong, fast, and he can fly.
Special Abilities:  None

First Appearance:  Golden Age, Whiz Comics #25; Silver Age, Shazam! #1; Modern Age, The Power of Shazam #7 (as Cap. Jr.)
Origin:  While fishing with his grandfather, Freddie was attacked by Captain Nazi. The big red Cheese (Captain Marvel) showed up a little too late, and found Freddie's grandfather dead and Freddie near death.  Cap carried him to the Wizard Shazam to save his life, and he and Mary Marvel willingly gave up a little of their power in order to save Freddie. Now, in order to become Captain Marvel Jr., all Freddie has to do is say the name "Captain Marvel" and he becomes the teen hero of Fawcett City.  Ironically, this also makes him the only hero I know who can't say his name aloud with reverting to his alter ego. Cool, huh?

After adventuring some with the Marvel family in Fawcett City, he joined the Teen Titans and developed a crush on Argent. They even went on a failed date (a hilarious scene by Dan Jurgens, I might add). During his time on the team, he -- while back in Fawcett City -- was exposed to his darkest fears and fought to get out from under the shadow of the Captain Marvel name. Coming to, he told Mary Marvel he would now go by the name CM3.

The world awaits to see if the name will stick.

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