Smoke and Mirrors
(Chapter One)
by Misted

She lofted above Gotham weightlessly, in the dead of night, within the clouds, going unnoticed by two the most alert eyes in city. She had been following him for a couple of hours now, knowing she had to approach him, but not knowing how.

It was a routine night for Tim, he had gotten home from school, done his homework, then set out to patrol the streets. He had stopped a 7 11 hold-up, a car-jacking, and a few muggings, all routine. He was bored, he knew he shouldn't be, he knew the lecture he would get from Bruce, but he couldn't help it. He had just been all over the world with his new friends Impulse and Superboy, and that insane motorcycle (not the SuperCycle!!!), and now simple patrolling seemed so, well, boring. He longed for action, a super villain, an adventure, maybe even a run in with the Spoiler.

He was perched above a stone gargoyle on a ledge at the Town Hall when it came, out of nowhere, pillars of charcoal mist surrounding him, pooling at his feet and filling his nose and eyes. Robin instinctivly jumped off the gargoyle, into his fighting stance, ready for an attack from any direction. Then came a soft giggle, a teenage girl's giggle, from the middle of the fog, it grew louder and louder until he couldn't stand it.

"Who's there?" he interrogated the mist, "Show your self!!" only more laughter. Robin silently pulled out his staff and readied himself. In one quick and silent motion, he crouched himself down and swung full circle, through the mist, hoping to strike at his attacker, he felt only air, until his staff hit the base of the gargoyle.

"Well well well, someone needs to lighten up," came the voice out of the mist. The came a familiar face, formed out of the mist itself, "Robin, right? God, I hope you remeber me, cuz' I really need your help."

"Are you kidding?!" exclaimed the boy wonder, "believe or not, it's not every day I meet a super powered girl, trap her in a container, and end up faking her death to the DEO. Good to see you again........ What was your name again?"

"Ummmm......... That's just it, I don't know. After you and your friends helped me escape, I was lost. The only place I could ever remember was my chamber at the DEO office. I searched all over, anywhere I could think of to try and find out who I was, but I found nothing. I was in Metropolis, wandering aimlessly, and I saw an article in the Planet, talking about how you, Superboy, and the fast kid had saved the world after it was split in two. It said you were the leader of the group, so I assumed you would be the best person to try and find."

"Wow," thought Robin, "me, the leader? Wouldn't that flatten SB's ego."

"So, what can I do for you?" asked Tim, glad the evning had turned up something interesting.

"Basically anything you could do would be a big help."

"Okay, that's pretty vauge, the best place to start would be the Bat-Cave I suppose."


"Long story. Do you need a ride? My bikes a few blocks away, it'd be kinda cramped though..."

"I'm made of gas, do you think I care about being 'cramped'?"

"S'pose not."

So Robin left for the cave. In search of answers, and a decade of lost time, all for girl with no name.


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