Part 2
by Misted

“The Batcave”, even the name gave Secret the creeps, and when she and Robin arrived the overall loo of the place didn’t help.

“Soo, what exactly are we doing here?” pondered Secret.

“The Batcave’s computers are state of the art, if we can’t find a clue here, then there isn’t a chance in the world of tracing your past.” replied Robin as he sat down in front of the computer’s main monitor. “I think the best starting place would be to attempt to find your parents, and considering your metahuman abilities, it’s safe to bet at least one of your parents also have metahuman powers. A simple scan of your DNA cross examend with the computer’s metahuman data-base *should* give us a few leads, if I could just get a hair or fingernail sample from you. Umm......can you by any chance turn into a solid being?”

“I actually haven’t tried in a long time, but hear goes..” Secret closed her eyes, obviously concentrating, she looses her transparent appearance “Okay Robin, hurry up and take something before I convert back to gas form.” Robin plucked a hair from her head and scanned it into the computer.

“This should only take a minute” Robin said, as he speedily typed at the computer. Suddenley the computer beep, and a new window appeared with the message

     Family DNA string found, known relatives of subject: 
     MOTHER: Nash Mist (a.k.a The Mist II)
     GRANDFATHER: Kyle Mist (a.k.a. The Mist I) 

“Uh-oh, this is SO not a good thing, the Mist family are well known criminals that reside in Opal City, and are long time enemies of Starman. I know that the Mist family aren’t born metahumans, but I suppose that after using the formula for too long, it must have gotten into the family DNA strand. I’m sorry Secret, but your family are supervillians!”

“I don’t care!”, replied Secret, starting to tear up, “I have to meet my mother, do you have any idea where she is now?”

“I’ll have to check, just give me a minute.” Robin again proceeded to type on the computer, hacking to government prison files, “Yes! the Mist is currently being held in a maximum security prison for Supervillians that is located near....”

“Manchester,” finished Secret, reading off the screen, “I have to go to her Robin, thank-you for all of your help, but I don’t think you should come with me.” and with that, she slowly dissolved away.

“WAIT!” cried Robin, “You don’t know what you’re getting into!.” but it was too late, she was already gone. “S***!” Robin sprinted to the Redbird, hopped in, and speed off towards Manchester, he couldn’t let Secret face her alone.

((guess who just happens to be in Manchester?))

To be continued ...

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