An DC:UNG Interview with Mark Waid

What else can you say to introduce an interview with Mark Waid than to simply say, here's the interview with Mark Waid -- the man who's work has made him the most sought after writer in comics today?

DCUNG: What first got you interested in comics, both as a hobby and as a career?

MW: The 1960s BATMAN TV show introduced me to comics and turned me into a lifelong DC fan. I'm one of the lucky ones who knew ever since he was a boy what he wanted his job to be.

DCUNG: What was your first professional work in comics?

MW: An eight-page Superman back-up in ACTION #572.

DCUNG: When are you and Brian returning to Flash?

MW: Issue #142 marks our return. It's out in August.

DCUNG: What can you tell us about the big story arc you guys have in mind and will it feature ALL the major speedsters (Impulse, Jesse Quick, XS, Flash, Max, etc.)? Will any Flashes from the future be appearing soon -- like John or the guy from Secret Files?

MW: Yes, Yes, Yes. CHAIN LIGHTNING spans FLASH #145-150 and features every major and second-string DC speedster in a race throughout the coming ten centuries to prevent the extinction of the Flash legacy. Since there wasn't a Flash in the 30th century when Barry Allen showed up, something must have happened to the lineage along the way--but what?

DCUNG: The Life Story of the Flash hinted as some pretty cool things happening soon for Wally. What's this about him having one last adventure with Barry and sacrificing his life to save the universe (from Secret Files)? And if he does, does he come back (especially since Iris made no mention of his death in the book)?


DCUNG: Will you be returning to Impulse?

MW: Unfortunately, no, though Humberto and I have produced a new ten-page origin story for this fall's SECRET ORIGINS 80-pager.

DCUNG: Will Arrowette be returning soon (And as a speedster supporting character, is there any chance of seeing her appear with Impulse in the Flash book?)? An Internet rumor says that she'll join Young Justice. You thoughts?

MW: No plans on my end, but I do love her. I think she will be in Young Justice, but I'm not an authority on that.

DCUNG: What's in store for Impulse? Life Story of the Flash hinted at some dark things to come for Impulse. What's this about an evil twin and Impulse losing a friend?


DCUNG: Since this site focuses on the teen heroes of the DCU, let's find out your feelings on some of DC's teens heroes?

MW: Tim Drake has grown on me. Superboy, less so, but I'm a devotee of the pre-Crisis Superboy, so in my eyes, he has mighty big boots to fill. Wish DC could've worked out something with Milestone to put Static in Young Justice, as he was one of the freshest and most original creations in years.

DCUNG: Why do you think teen heroes (especially sidekicks) are becoming popular again?

MW: Actually, honestly, I think they're on the decline. I think the fans are getting hotter for the old guard--Superman, Batman, the JLA--done well and done right.

DCUNG: Which comics or characters would you most like to have a chance to do?

MW: Oh, I'd love to have a crack at Superman eventually, and DC's Captain Marvel, but only once the terrific Mr. Ordway has had his turn.

DCUNG: Any future plans or projects we should be looking for?

MW: Nothing new to announce at the moment, though those of you who've asked to see my plots and scripts might be interested to know that Marvel will be issuing a Rough Cut edition of CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #1 sometime this fall.

DCUNG: What really is Clark Kent's Social Security Number?

MW: Like I'm gonna tell YOU. <g>

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