Taryn Haldane, a.k.a. Network, is a telepath. She and Cascade share a rapport that varies from empathic communication to a direct psi-link. She can also use her telepathy to amplify Cascade's natural power, allowing Cascade to travel further than she could on her own, and bring others with her. She telepathically provides Cascade with the "waypoints" that serve to pinpoint Cascade's destination when moving from place to place. Without her, Cascade has no effective control over precisely where she's going. Taryn may appear young, but her eyes have seen much, and she is a strong member of Sovereign Seven despite her age. She can telepathically link the entire team together, allowing her to keep tabs on each member when the team is in a dangerous situation. Network wields a ScepterSword, a weapon that is a combination of sword and whip, and is equally skilled at the  use of both.

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