Real Name:  Not applicable at this time 
Age: 16 
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 40 lbs.
Hair: It changes with her moods, just like the rest of her body (but during a brief stint as fully human, it was brown). 
Eyes: White (but when human they were )
Super Powers: Prysm can capture and reflect light. She can release the light in powerful, even deadly, laser blasts, and vary the intensity depending on how much light she has stored. Anything that covers her body can affect her ability to store light, however, and she prefers to do her heroic in the buff, as it were, though she is more translucent than naked. Also, like a mood ring, the different colors her body takes reveal her moods. 
Special Abilities: n/a 
First Appearance: Teen Titans #1

Origin: The H'san Natall had special plans for Prysm. While the other Teen Titans grew up on Earth, Prysm lived in a VR world that was based on a mix of 50s sitcoms and fantasy. She lived the live of a princess in a castle with a pet dragon, and hung out will neighbors such as Beaver and Wally, until her illusion was shattered when Atom and the other Teen Titans showed up and help her "escape." The most alien of the Titans, she is now a fish out of water, trying to get a grip on her nonhuman appearance and live on a world that she never knew. 

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