The Psyba-Rats

The Psybarats are:

Razorsharp (Rae Sharpe)
Hacker (Reginald Hackman)
Channel (Carter Channel)
Mega-Biter (Michael Wasko -- deceased)
Output (Cullen Thane --deceased)

First Appearance: Robin Annual #2

Origin:  The Pysba-Rats were just your normal, average teenage underound hacker industrial spies -- that is, until they met with a spinal-fluid-sucking vampire alien (The Bloodlines annuals) while running from their ex-contractor, the Collector. The two members of the team who encountered the alien (Channel and Razorsharp) were subsequently drained of their spinal fluid and awoke 24 hours later with new, super-human abilities.

Razorsharp was endowed with the ability to turn her arms and legs into micro-thin blades of alien metal.

Channel no longer possessed his body, but instead had the power to live inside electronic appliances such as televisions and computers. His form appears on the screen, and he can affect the display of images on the screen.

The surviving members of the team (Rae, Channel, and Hacker) decided to seek revenge on The Collector for the death of their teammates.  Rae's life was saved by Robin (and vice versa).  The Psyba-Rats decided to keep doing what they do best, hacking and industrial spying for the right price.

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