The Ray

Real Name: Ray terrill
Age: 18
Super Powers:  body transformation.. light form.. and flight,energy bursts (force bolts if i'm not mistaken)
Special Abilities: none when non-powered up
First Appearance:

Origin: the son of the ww2 RAY, ray terrill was told at a young age that he was allergic to sunlight, and was raised by nuns. ray lived inside his house with the windows boarded up until his 18th birthday when he accidentally was exposed to the sunlight. fearing he would die due to the exposure to sunlight ray panicked, and his powers were activated. his cousin hank and rays girlfriend jenny are both aware of his powers and super heroic identity. at times early in his career, ray had "visions" of his father, the original ray, that guided him and irritated him as well. (LOL) ray discovered that this was NOT his father at all, but rather a twisted version of his father that had become his nemesis. ray defeated him, and shortly afterwards joined the justice league of america. ray has had run ins with villains like dr polaris in his solo career, and many more during his trnure as a member of the jla.

 ray is an 18 year old who, at first, was unsure of his abilities and what to do. being lied to for the first 18 years of his life,ray was confused and no idea how to use his powers correctly. he is in love with his long time sweetheart jenny,and often (scarily enough) looked to his cousin hank for help and guidance. ray's control over his powers has improved greatly and he has formed a "bond" of sorts with fellow jla'er black canary... which may or may not be romantic.

Thanks to tsull2121 for this bio.

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