Real Name: Cody Driscoll  
Age: 16  
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175
Hair: Blonde  
Eyes: Blue
Super Powers: Risk is hyper everything -- strength, toughness, can take hits or blasts that would kill most people -- and his senses are more acute than nonmetas.  His adrenaline rush encourages him to take the greater risks that his name implies. 
Special Abilities: Cody is also hyper intelligent. He just lets his need for danger and thrills get in the way too often. 
First Appearance: Teen Titans #1

Origin: Cody was raised in the Colorado community called Cosmos, in one of the worst trailer parks. He lived alone with his mom, since his father died when Cody was just six months old. His mother's two subsequent remarriages didn't make things any easier for him. Ever since his birth, As he grew up, Cody was hungry for a challenge, and even broke into the Cosmos bank once just to see it he could do it. He was caught, but that didn't lessen his desire for adventure.When he turned 16, his body kicked into overdrive, and he's gotten stronger, faster, tougher, and his senses more acute. On a whim he decided that breaking into NORAD would be a thrill he couldn't deny, and he was caught -- just in time to be zapped away by the aliens he discovered had given him his amazing powers, though they wanted to use him as a soldier in their conquests.

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