Rose Wilson

Real name : Rose Wilson
Age: 15
Height: 5'2

Weight: 50 kg
Hair: White
Eyes: Green

Superpowers: Rose has a precognitive talent that enables her to see the future or possible future, while unconscious (see Deathstroke 51). She is invisible to the people in the future but can interact with them through touch enabling her to read their minds. It is unknown whether these telepathic and precognitive abilities have developed enough that Rose can use them at will or simply occur when she is in a deep enough coma.

As well as these powers, Rose is a proficient martial artist, first trained by the ladies who worked for her mother in basic self defense, then assumedly by either Wintergreen or Sergeant Steel. Her abilities were further developed during her short stay with the Titans. She uses a fighting staff which also shoots blasts for offense and defense.

First Appearance: Deathstroke #15

Origin: Rose was raised by her mother Sweet Lily until the Ravager went on a killing spree murdering all of Slade Wilson's friends and associates including her mother. Rescued by Wintergreen and then later Sergeant Steel she was taken to meet the man she would call father, Slade. Knowing the price that would be put on Rose's head if he acknowledged her, Slade denied any association with her, claiming he simply 'conceived her' and that was his only contribution to her upbringing. Steel denied Wintergreen's request to adopt Rose and sent her to the Titans where he hoped they would be able to teach Rose, and control her if she became a danger to society. Rose stayed with the Titans for a short while, bonding with Terra before leaving to live with a friend of her mother's. She has since been seen in JLA/Titans offering to fight Big Barda, proving that the Titans are indeed important to her.

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