An DCU:NG Email Interview
with Craig Rousseau

Sean: Now that your and Bill's run on Impulse is over, what's you're overall feeling of your stint together on the series?

Craig: Well, it took a bit to really start to click, and every now and then we had a clunker, but all in all we really started to hit a stride with our last six issues (like they say, it's best to leave on a high note).

Sean: What moments stand out from the series as your favorites?

Craig: I'd have to say I personally got a kick out of Bart shaving his head ( more than a few fans were upset, but it really was totally in character for Bart to do something so drastic without thinking throught the situation) and I enjoyed Bart's relationship with Max (who at times was just a crochety old man, and that amused me to no end!).

Sean: What would you have done differently if you had it to do over again?

Craig: Differently? Well, looking back, I'd say I would've tried to have a bit more story input without stepping on Bill's (very talented) toes. At times I felt the focus of the book was THE WACKY TOWN OF MANCHESTER which happened to feature a kid named Bart . . . but even then, Bill would put in some great dialogue that wold have me laughing as I read the script.

Sean: Which of the supporting characters was your favorite? Why?

Craig: I'd have to say that there are quite a few supporing characters that I really enjoyed: Max Mercury ( a mysterious yet grumpy mentor with a past that's only begun to be told), Carol ( the loveable voice of reason) and Dr. Morlo ( seeing him square off against Max was pure sitcom material, and he had great hair).

Sean: Which of the supporting character was your least favorite? Why?

Craig: Well, that's a close call between Evil Eye and Gamaal, two characters who (in my humble opinion) were the focus of too many stories which put Bart in a supporting role.

Sean: Which issue stands out as your favorite? Why?

Craig: The Riddler issue (48) really stands out as our best team effort all around. . . and it was the darn funny!

Sean: Which issue stands out as your least favorite? Why?

Craig: I'd have to pick a two issues for this question : 21 (I was given a GREAT story by Mark Waid for my first professional job, and I really wish my pencils were up to the level of the story. . . ) and 43 (one of those Gamaal stories that I really wasn't too thrilled with . . .although Bill did have a few great lines in there).

Sean: If, a few years from now, DC approached you about pencilling the book again, would you be interested?

Craig: Ask me in a few years and I'll let you know. . . .

Sean: Looking ahead, what's going to be keeping you busy in the coming months that fans can look forward to?

Craig: After IMPULSE, I was lucky enough to draw a few fill-in issues of BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES (14, 16, 18), and now I'm currently working on a new BATMAN BEYOND series.

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