The Secret

Real Name: Unknown 
Age: approximately 16
Weight: not much, since she exists as a gas
Hair: Blonde 
Eyes: Blue
Super Powers: The Secret is able to change her gaseous form into any appearance. She can slip though miniscule cracks. The full extend of her powers have not yet been explored.
Special Abilities:  Not applicable.
First Appearance: Young Justice: The Secret #1

Origin: According to her own story in YJ:TS #1, she has been a ward of DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) for as long as she can remember, where she was kept and studied along with other super-powered teens and children. After learning she could escape her room, she began to roam around the base at nights. During her roamings, she discovered that some of the tests and studies was cruel and "horrible." Soon, nightly trips were discovered and because of what she had learned, DEO doctors decided to make her "inert" (dead for a gaseous being).  She escaped and was captured by Young Justice (Superboy, Impulse, and Robin), who, after hearing her story, returned a tube of smoke to the DEO in her place (which was destroyed by the DEO), and lied to the DEO and the JLA about rescuing her. 

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NOTE:  All pictures used on this page came from the DC Online area of AOL, or were scanned from DC comic books, and are the property of DC Comics and the various artists.  The origin information is from Mark Stewart and the bio listed in Teen Titans #1..