The Spoiler

Real Name:  Stephanie Brown
Age:  14
Height:  5' 5"
Weight:  110 lbs.
Hair:  Blonde
Eyes:  Blue
Super Powers:  None
Special Abilities:  The Spoiler is a lot like Robin, in that she doesn't have any "super" powers, only finely tuned natural skills.  She is also a fine fighter and acrobat, and is learning a few things about detective work from her occasional partner, Robin.  Though, inexperienced and danger-prone, she has assisted Robin on many occasions, even saving his life.
First Appearance:  Detective Comics #647

Origin:  With the criminal, the Cluemaster, as her father, Stephanie Brown would seem a more likely candidate for villain than hero.  Intent on seeing her father brought to justice, Stephanie donned the purple and blue tights to plant clues to help Batman and Robin nail the Cluemaster and his gang.  After helping catch him, Steph decided to hang on to the costume and the lifestyle a little while longer, more recently to allow her to get closer to the Boy Wonder, for whom she has a noticeable crush.   

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