"This will be the last time you interfere with the Scavulture! My Evil Eye will see to that!" -- Spider-Boy Team-Up (1997)


Last issue, Spider-Boy was about to be killed by Toxic following a grueling battle on top of the World Trade Building. But when the Silver Racer came to witness the hero's demise, the Toxic symbiote separated from Eddie Bane and attached itself to the Asgodian harbinger of death, sparing Spider-Boy's life in the process. The symbiote-controlled Silver Racer then traveled to New Asgard where he continues to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting Asgods. The Highfather Odin has sent Thorion and Bald'r Lightbringer to enlist Spider-Boy's aid in the war against the "Toxic Racer".


Odin the Highfather sat atop his throne in the Palace Royal of New Asgard. The evil demon, which bonded to the Silver Racer, was unlike anything he had seen before. Under its influence, the Silver Racer caused unprecedented amounts of damage upon his beloved New Asgard in a very short amount of time. At first Odin thought that Thanoseid sent the being from Apokolips. But upon hearing more concerning the nature of the demon, he soon came to the conclusion that it came from the realm of Earth. As more information was gathered on the being, it became apparent that this was the very same symbiote that the Earth hero Spider-Boy had battled time and time again. Since the Highfather knew nothing else about the nature of this vile beast, he felt that it would be best to send for Spider-Boy's assistance. Although the Earth warrior was young in years, he did prove his worth in the battle against Thanoseid on Apokolips* (- in the now classic SECRET CRISIS OF THE INFINITY HOUR #8 -Lob). The Highfather now patiently awaited the return of Thorion, Bald'r, and, hopefully, Spider-Boy.

A portal opened a few feet in front of Highfather Odin. Through his good one eye, he saw three beings emerge from the light. Thorion and Bald'r bowed their heads and kneeled before him. Spider-Boy nervously looked around and eventually followed suit.

"My Lord", said Thorion and Bald'r in unison.

"I hope you enjoyed your trip through the Boom Tube", bellowed the Highfather.

"It was a little rough", replied Spider-Boy.

"I trust you have already been informed of our plight, young warrior", said the Highfather.

"Uhhh ... yes, Highfather sir, it's the Toxic Racer", replied Spider-Boy.

"'Toxic Racer'?"

Spider-Boy shrugged his shoulders. "Uhhh ... yeah. He's part Toxic and part Silver Racer, get it?"

"Yes, I 'get it'." Highfather Odin shook his head from side to side and thought to himself. He had heard many tales of Spider-Boy's triumphs over Toxic on Earth. But was this super-powered adolescent capable of defeating a menace as great as the Toxic Racer? After all, this unprecedented Asgod-symbiote hybrid was much more lethal than anything Spider-Boy had ever encountered on Earth. "Does this enemy of yours have a weakness?"

Spider-Boy grinned with confidence. "Yes, Highfather sir, loud noise really bothers 'em - the symbiote, I mean. A loud siren or something will force the symbiote to separate from its host. Then we can nab it!"

"A loud noise? We should ... "

A scream from outside the palace walls interrupted the Highfather. He turned his head toward the window and everything went silent. Just as he was about to continue his dialogue, the Toxic Racer crashed through the ceiling on his celestial skis. A large piece of ceiling fell on the Highfather, knocking him unconscious.

"Father!" exclaimed Thorion.

"My Lord!" yelled Bald'r.

Spider-Boy leapt to the side of the Highfather and checked for a pulse. "It's alright, guys, he's just knocked out. But in the meantime, we should be worrying about this bad boy!"  

"Alas, Spider-Boy is right", replied Thorion. "We can attend to the Highfather later. First and foremost, this evil menace must be dealt with!" Thorion raised his hammer over his head and released a bolt of lightning in the direction of the Toxic Racer. "Know me, vile demon, I am the Resurrected One! Feel the might of the Astro-Force!"

The Toxic Racer easily dodged the attack and continued to circle overhead. He was measuring up his prey. In the blink of an eye, he descended upon Bald'r.

"Be aware, friend Bald'r!" shouted Thorion. "Remember that his touch is lethal!"

Lightbringer drew his sword and parried the Toxic Racer's attack in the knick of time. "Know your place, demon!" Bald'r then struck one of the Toxic Racer's skis with a mighty blow, sending the villain reeling to the ground.

Spider-Boy pulled the trigger on his Web-Shooter and entangled the fallen Toxic Racer in a blanket of webbing. "Got 'em! Thorion, use that hammer thing again on him at close range. The thunder noise just might be loud enough to separate the Toxic symbiote from the Silver Racer. Whoa, this is goin' to be easier than I thought! Man, am I good or what?!?"

The Toxic Racer sensed Thorion approaching. He knew that the thunderous sound of the Astro-Force would surely end his existence. Summoning every ounce of power at his disposal, he rose to his feet and again hovered in he air above the three heroes. What the Toxic Racer did not know was that a small part of the Silver Racer's conscience still remained intact. The Silver Racer knew that Spider-Boy was his only chance of salvation from the Toxic symbiote. If this battle continued, there was a good chance that Spider-Boy and the Asgodian champions would be killed. He had to find a way out.

"I will destroy him still!" Thorion again raised his hammer above his head as it began to glow with the power of the Astro-Force.

The Toxic Racer burst free from the webbing that bound him and broke through the outside wall just as Thorion released his energy bolt. He knew that these heroes were quite capable of defeating him now that Spider-Boy had revealed to them how to exploit his one weakness. The other inhabitants of New Asgard, however, did not possess such knowledge. The Toxic Racer sped away through the skies, leaving a path of destruction in his wake.  

"We must not allow him to escape our sight!" said Thorion.  

"Agreed", replied Bald'r.

"Then let's get a move on, he's getting away!" exclaimed Spider-Boy.

The three heroes raced forth into the far regions of New Asgard in hot pursuit of the Toxic Racer, not knowing how far or how long this journey would take them.

Hours later, in the Palace Royal of New Asgard, Highfather Odin finally regained consciousness. He was being attended to by the beautiful but formidable Big Sif.

"Highfather, you are well", exclaimed Big Sif.

"Yes, my child, but what matters now is stopping the Toxic Racer. Where did Thorion and his companions go? The last I remember is the Toxic Racer penetrating my palace walls." The Highfather pointed to the hole in the ceiling that the Toxic Racer originally crashed through.

"The Toxic Racer you speak of, my Lord, fled from the Palace Royal shortly afterward", explained Big Sif. "Brave Thorion, Bald'r, and the Earth warrior pursued the demon to the outskirts of New Asgard. But, alas, the Toxic Racer escaped through a Boom Tube and has not been seen ever since. Thorion and the others are on their journey back as we speak."

"We shall be prepa ... "

A guard burst into the chamber and interrupted the Highfather. Visibly shaken and gasping for air, the guard exclaimed, "Almighty Highfather, we have trouble ... "

Just then the guard fell to the ground in intense pain. Behind him stood the massive, troll-like Kaliulik. Aggressively swinging his Beta-Hammer, Kaliulik charged at the ailing Highfather. Big Sif rose from her lord's side and intercepted Kaliulik's vicious attack. Odin the Highfather slowly rose to his feet and gazed out his window at his kingdom below in astonishment. New Asgard was being attacked by the Steppenwolf Trolls of Apokolips.

"Thanoseid will be pleased with me", growled Kaliulik.

A half a world away, on Apokolips, Thanoseid witnessed the events that had just transpired. "Excellent. The Asgods have been so preoccupied with defeating the Toxic Racer that they left themselves wide open to an invasion. Their only line of defense was Heimtron, who was easily defeated by Kaliulik and the Steppenwolf Trolls. As we speak, the ill-prepared Asgods are slowly falling to the onslaught of my minions."

L'Ok D'Saad was not so sure of victory. "With all respect, my master, are you not forgetting that Thorion, Lightbringer, and Spider-Boy have yet to enter the battle."  

Thanoseid coldly cast his eyes on D'Saad. "Kaliulik and his legions have already forged too deep into New Asgard. Thorion and Lightbringer will be powerless to make any difference in the battle. As for the Earth hero, I have arranged for his demise as well. There are seven Earth warriors incarcerated in Ryker's Slab who would be more than willing to destroy this so-called Spider-Boy. You are to free these seven from their shackles and transport them to New Asgard. They will handle the Spider-Boy."  

"Who are these warriors?", D'Saad nervously inquired.  

"They are mere fools who devote their insignificant lives to petty crimes such as burglary and extortion. Together, however, they are much more than this aspiring young Earth hero can overcome at one time. All that you need to know is that they are called the Sinister Squad - now go to Earth and liberate them, before I grow tired of your simple inquiries."

"Yes, my liege." A Boom Tube opened behind L'Ok D'Saad and he disappeared into the blinding light.


Story written by LOBORINE.
Spider-Boy, Silver Racer, Thorion, Bald'r Lightbringer, Thanoseid, L'Ok D'Saad, Big Sif, Heimtron, and Highfather Odin are property of AMALGAM COMICS.
Toxic is property of DEERDEVIL.
Sinister Squad is property of OMEGABEAST.
Kaliulik is property of NILESCABLE.

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