Name: Gillian
First Appearance: Damage #3
Base of Operations: Virginia, New Genesis
Age: 16 or 17
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Origin: Little is known about the girl named Wyldheart. As a baby, Wyldheart was found in a jungle by Abriam Wahrman, a gentic scientist. Found in a Mother Box, a boom tube was heard nearby when Abriam stumbled across her. As she grew here powers, which she was evidently born with, grew stronger. Her adoptive father, along with his brother Dathan, and their mother, owned a genetic research lab named Symbolix, where many strange creatures were developed. When she grew old enough, Gillian was used to test the strength of the creatures, and used her powers to create the persona of Wyldheart for herself.

When she was about 16, she met the soon-to-be hero Damage. Together, they stopped one of Symbolix's creations riot in Atlanta [Damage #3-6, 0]. She seemed to like Damage, though the feelings were not fully mututal. She met with Damage one more time, in a Symbolix warehouse, where they were attacked by Stepponwolf, one of the Gods of Apokolips [Damage #8]. He called Damage and Wyldheart "children of New Genesis." Once the threat was stopped, the Wahrman's tried to kill Gillian and Damage for trying to "steal" the Mother Box. Frustrated and upset, Gillian wanted to find out her full origin, and set off. Her ties to New Genesis and Apokolips have not been explained, and this was the last time she was seen.

Powers: Wyldheart has control over a purple energy field which she can manipulate in many ways such as shields or projectiles. Her powers are not quite as extensive as Green Lantern's, but are similar to Argent's, though not as deadly. Her power also gives her the ability to fly.

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