Wonder Girl

Real Name: Cassandra Elizabeth Sandsmark
Age: 14
Height: 5'1''
Weight: 90 lbs.
Hair: Blonde (wears a black wig as Wonder Girl)
Eyes: Blue

Super Powers: The new Wonder Girl has super strength, speed, durability, and the ability to fly, both granted her by Zeus.

Special Abilities: Cassie is an expert at baseball, especially pitching.

First Appearance: As Cassie, Wonder Woman #105, as Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman #111:

Origin: Cassie first me Wonder Woman when Diana came to her mom's museum to apply for the job of lecturer. Cassie was arguing with her mom about being responsible. When Helena left to give Diana the interview, Cassie decided to show her mom that she could be responsible by cleaning her new found artifact, an ancient Greek robot. Cassie accidentally turned it on, causing the robot to chase after her. When Wonder Woman hit the robot, it just grew stronger. Cassie led the robot onto the dock, causing it to collapse and the robot to be stuck in the mud. Later on, Cassie 'borrowed' the sandals of Hermes, which granted her speed and flight, and the gauntlet of Atlas, which granted her super strength and stamina. She used these to fight against the clone of Doomsday. She gave the gauntlet to Wonder Woman who used it to increase her strength, allowing her to defeat Doomsday. She also used the mystical weapons to fight against the clone of Decay. Again, Cassie proved her mind to be more useful than her powers when she switched the device Decay needed to use energy with her transistor radio, causing Decay to use up her stored power. Wonder Woman then destroyed Decay. Later on, Cassie went to Olympus, where she stole a moment's conversation with Zeus, the king and father of the gods. He was impressed with her bravery and granted her fondest wish, a toned down version of Diana's powers. Later Cassie ventured to 'Hell' and fought the sorceress Morgan Le Fay, who had taken over the body of her mother. Here we learned that her mom could forbid her to use her powers with a touch. Lately, Cassie's strength has shown to be greater, as she was able to support a falling building.

by Kevin Maxwell

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