Young Justice/ Generation X: To Save Two Worlds

By Tony Thornley

Disclaimer: Generation X, the X-Men, and all affiliated characters are property of Marvel Comics. Young Justice, JLA, the New Gods, and all affiliated characters are property of DC Comics. Access is property of both Marvel and DC Comics.

Note: These symbols, ^, inside quotes denote Secret's speech. These symbols, *, in quotes denotes Emplate' speech. And finally, these symbols, <>, are telepathic communication.


"The Marvels."

That was the last thing Superman said before collapsing into the throes of the disease that had infected the JLA, and, apparently, every metahuman on Earth over the age of twenty. It had even infected Batman, Nightwing, and other "non-powered" heroes. Most of Young Justice knew what Superman meant.

The other universe.

The Marvel universe.

Meaning they had to contact the one man who could travel between their universe and the Marvel universe. They needed the man called Access.  Superboy traveled to the Cadmus Project only to discover that the man they needed, the telepathic DNAlien Dubbilex, had been infected with the disease. Superboy had an idea as he rejoined the team.

"What if Access has been infected with this virus or whatever?"

Robin smaked himself in the forehead. "Of course, he's over twenty isn't he?"

"I am." Access materialized from one of his portals. Everyone jumped from his sudden appearance. "But I'm immune. I'm immune to several different diseases. Anyways I know you need my help."

"^How?^" Secret asked.

"Lucky guess, mostly," Access said with a shrug. "And I saw the shape the JLA is in."

"Do you have any idea what Superman meant by 'the Marvels?'" Robin asked.

"Unfortunately, no clue."

"So, can you take us to the Marvel universe?" Arrowette asked impatiently.

"Can do," Access said. "Just follow me." Young Justice followed Access through a portal to the Marvel universe.


"The others."

Jubilee felt Logan go limp. He was the last to collapse of the X-Men, who had all done the same thing. This virus was taking its toll all over the world. Any super powered being or mutant over twenty had been infected and collapsed into a coma. It didn't matter was sex, race, or the being's abilities, just as long as they were twenty or older. Even Iron Man, a "non-powered" hero, had reportedly been infected. Monet stood nearby reaching out telepathicly.

A young telepathic voice caught her attention. It was Franklin Richards.

<Franklin,> Monet said. <You okay?>

<Yep,> the youth answered, <but Mama, Dad, Unca Ben, and Unca Johnny are all asleep. They look sick.>

<Don't worry,> M answered, <we'll come get you.> Vocally she said, "Everett! Come with me. We need to go get Franklin at Four Freedoms Plaza."

"Monet," Jubilee said, "wait! Do you have any idea what Logan meant by 'the others?'" The Algerian girl look like Jubilee like she was a moron.

"The heroes of the other universe." M looked back at Ev, whom Jubilee couldn't see. "Everett, hurry!"

"Good luck," Jubilee said before M left.

"There is no such thing as luck," Monet said, "just skill." Everett shrugged and Jubilee stuck her tongue out at M's back. Synch and M left for New York.

"Careful chica," Angelo said from behind Jubilee, "or it'll stick."

"It never does," Jubilee replied.


The portal opened into a high tech computer room. Superboy looked over Access's shoulder into the room. The only person in the room was a young blond boy.

"Yep, Four Freedoms Plaza," Access muttered just loud enough for Superboy to hear. "Franklin," he said out loud, "where are you parents and Ben and Johnny?"

"They're asleep," Franklin said, "who are you?"

Young Justice stood behind Access in a semi-circle. "I'm Access," he replied. "I'm a friend of your mom and dad."

"Who are his parents?" Robin asked.

"Part of the Fantastic Four."

"M is comin' to get me," Franklin stated.

"Who's M?" Wonder Girl asked.

"She's parta Generation X," Franklin replied.

"The Marvel equivalent to you guys, or you're the equivalent of them," Access said anticipating the question.

"And who are you with Access?" The voice belonged to a beautiful black girl with a bald black guy.

"We're Young Justice," Impulse and Superboy stated in unison.

"You must be M and...?" Arrowette said.

"Synch," Everett replied. "What're your names?"





"Wonder Girl."


"Why are you here? You are from the other universe, correct?" M was brisk and cold with them.

Robin answered, "There's been a mysterious disease strike all our-"

"Adults?" Synch interrupted, "superpowered adults?"

"Right," Robin said, shocked. "How did you know?"

"Same thing is happening here."

"Is that what happened to my mom and dad?" Franklin asked.

"Yep s'ppose so Franklin," Synch said.

"Are they gonna die?" Franklin gasped in reply.

"We don't know. I hope not."


Angelo got off the phone with Monet. She had told him about Young Justice. They were coming back to the mansion, where they would work out a battle plan. He walked to the room where the others were. They'd set up and extra infirmary where they placed Gambit, Rouge, and Wolverine. Jubilee was now sitting next to Wolverine's bed, holding his hand. Her eyes were wet with tears. Penance, Husk, and Chamber stood back with a look of fear on each of their faces. The only sound in the room was the faint beep of heart monitors.

"We have some allies coming," Angelo said, piercing the silence. "From the other universe." Jubilee looked up surprised.

"Robin? Superboy?" she asked.

Angelo stepped back in suprise. "How'd you know?" he asked. "There's a few more than that. Impulse, Wonder Girl, um, Secret, and, uh, Arrow-something."

"I fought Robin a while back," Jubilee said. "Superboy was there too."

<Whoa!> Chamber exclaimed. <What d' ye mean?>

"Don't you remember the big war between the universes?" Jubilee replied.  "Just before Onslaught?"

"Ah remember!" Paige exclaimed.

"Remember what?" Behind Angelo a big-footed youth in red and white had appeared. "'Scuze me," he said as he stuck his hand out to Skin. "I'm Impulse." Impulse zoomed around the room shaking everyone's hands. "I'm parta Young Justice."

<We figured.>

"Yeah," Impulse said. "Robin sent me ahead and M gave me directions. She's sorta cold ain't she?" He perched himself on the foot of Gambit's bed. "So, you all are?"




"Ah'm Husk, "Paige pointed at Penance. "She's Penance. She don't talk much."

"Good t' meet you all," Impulse said, "everyone else'll be here in about half an hour."

"*More than enoough time to take you apart!*" rasped a voice outside.

"Huh?" Impulse said.


The door flew open. "*I'm not alone,*" Emplate said, his voice a horrible whisper. "*Parademons, ATTACK!*" The foot soldiers of Darkseid swarmed into the mansion.

"OH CRAP!" Impulse exclaimed.


Synch and M's commlink beeped to life. "'Elp!" Skin cried. "Aliens with Emplate! They're kickin' ou-" The sound of Skin's link being grabbed was heard.

"Lemmie have it!" Impulse said. "Rob! SB! It's Darkseid's parademons!  Get here as quick as you c..." The transmission was reduced to static.

Robin cursed from his piggy back position on M.


"On it!" Superboy sped up. "Wonder Girl, Synch, come on!"

"Right behind you Kid!" Synch sped to follow, synching Superboy's tactile telekinetic powers, with Wonder Girl close behind. Synch was surprised by Superboy's speed, even with Arrowette on his back. It wasn't close to Impulse's, but still impressive. Synch was glad he didn't have a passenger on his back, or otherwise, nonetheless. As the mansion sped into view, Synch notice that Emplate and the so-called parademons weren't the only problem. None other than Mr. Sinister stood outside.

"Alright Emplate, or whoever you are," Superboy yelled as Arrowette jumped off his back, "step up and get served!"

  As Superboy flew towards him, Sinister puched him with a bone-rattling blow. "I am not Emplate, boy! You may call me Sinister!" Superboy got up.

"Nice name!" the Kid retorted. "Why don't you put it on your buisness cards?" Sinister laughed.

"What wit!" He laughed again. "It's too bad the mighty Superboy won't live to see another one-liner."

"How'd you know my name?" Superboy said, shocked.

"You'll never find out." Sinister knocked Superboy over and pinned him with his foot. He posed for the death blow. "Tell the boatman on the River Styx that Mr. Sinister sent you!" Synch knew he had to do something and fast. He surprised himself by grabbing a tree standing next to him and pulling it out of the ground. Grinning, he swung it like a twenty foot long baseball bat at Sinister. He scored a direct hit.

Superboy looked at Synch. "Hey, I was just about to do something!"

"Sure," Synch said saracsticly. He suddenly realized tha Wonder Girl and Arrowette were fighting parademons alongside Husk and Chamber. He focused his aura on someone inside. It was Jubilee. He'd used her powers on numerous occasions. They'd work wonderfully.


Superboy wished that Access had stuck around. They could have used his powers right then. He started fighting parademons and watching for Wonder Girl or Arrowette. He saw Wonder Girl get grabbed by a dark menacing man. Superboy guessed that he was Emplate. He fought his way through parademons to Emplate and Wonder Girl.

Emplate was about to grab Wonder Girl's head when Superboy tapped him on the shoulder. "'Scuze me but I couldn't help but notice that you were about to suck the life energy outa my girl. I can't let you do that."  Emplate let Wonder Girl go. Superboy punched him.

Emplate got up. "*Oh really,*" Emplate said. His voice grated every single one of Superboy's nerves. "*Are you going to try to stop me? You aren't powerful enough, boy.*"

"Alright," Superboy said, fed up, "it has been established that I'm a boy, okay?"

"He's not the only one Emplate," Wonder Girl said from just in front of Superboy, "but me too."

<An' me.> Chamber had gotten rid of the last of the parademons with Arrowette.

"An' just 'bout every other hero here." Husk, Impulse, Jubilee, Penance, and Synch all stood nearby. Emplate cursed.

"*He who knows when to run away,*" he cried, "*shall live to fight another day!*" He sprinted outside and disappeared into the woods.

Monet, Robin, Franklin and the Secret landed outside. "What'd we miss?" Robin asked.

Impulse grinned. "Oh, parademons..."

"Evil mutants..." Husk said.

"Tree baseball bats..." Synch laughed.

"^Darkseid!^" Secret cried out.

"No, he never sho..." Arrowette stopped when she saw what she meant. So did the rest of Young Justice and Generation X.

A boom tube, just large enough for one being alone, had opened. Out of it stepped the evil god himself. In his hands were several vials of a green fluid.

"You are all worthy opponents," she said, "I shall look forward to facing you again, when you are all adults. Except you, of course, Superboy."

Fury flashed across Superboy's face for an instant.

Robin clenched his fists. "Did you unleash this plague on both our universes?"

"Yes, myself and Mr. Sinister."

"Is that the antidote in your hand?" Husk asked hopefully.

"Correct again."

"Are you going to give it to us?"

Darkseid paused, expressionless. The tension in the air was palpable.  "Yes." He handed three vial each to Robin and Husk. "Open the vials to release the antidote," he said. "It will be released into the air."

"NO!" Sinister lept for the vials in Robin and Husk's hands. He was hit with Darkseid's Omega beams. The man disappeared in a flash of light.

"Did he...?" Jubilee gasped.

"No," Wonder Girl said. "He didn't."

"How do we know that this is the antidote and not the virus tailored to kill us?" Skin asked.

"Because," Darseid said matter of factly, "if I had meant for you to die, you would be dead right now."

"It's true," Superboy said. "I've fought his forces before and I don't mean parademons. They wouldn't let up until they thought I was dead."

"A mistake they were punished for, I assure you. Now go give your cure to your heroes." Darkseid turned his back to them as a new boom tube opened and left Generation X and Young Justice outside.


Jubilee found Robin on top of the mansion. The X-Men had all woken up, but were still in bed asleep or just resting. The other two vials for the Marvel universe had been opened to let the cure spread. Robin were watching his friends and allies in the yard.

"Looks like you know that Access is here," Jubilee said.

Robin turned to face her and guestured next to him on the ledge. "Yep," he said. Jubilee sat down. "We'll probably be leaving soon."

"Something wrong Boy Wonder?" She slid closer to him.

"I wasn't here to help with the parademons."

"I've seen you fight. Heck, I've fought you. You could take on a legion of those things by your self. 'Sides you stood up to Darkseid."

"That's no biggie."

"No biggie?!? I just about needed a change of underwear."

Robin laughed, obviously a rare occurance. "Who said I didn't?"

Jubilee laughed as well. Then she surprised Robin by kissing him. "Don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You're too young."

"Thanks mother," Robin said sarcasticly. "Really, thank you, Jubilee."  He kissed her.

"Come on Rob." Superboy and Wonder Girl had flown up to the roof.

"Put the girl down Boy Wonder," Wonder Girl joked. "It's time to go."

"Funny guys," Robin said, blushing. "Goodbye Jubilee. We'll see you later."

"I hope so," Jubilee said.

As Superboy and Wonder Girl left Robin could hear them talking.

"Am I really 'your girl,' SB?" she asked.

"'Course, one of the few and the proud." Wonder Girl hit him. Robin laughed at his friends and started repelling down the building.

"Goodbye Boy Wonder," Jubilee called to him.

"Goodbye Jubilation."


Synch shook Superboy's hand. "If you're ever in our universe again, drop a line."

"Same to you," Superboy replied. "Goodbye."

"Yeah goodbye."

Access opened a portal btween the universes. "It's time to go." Young Justice walked through the portal. As Robin stepped in, he turned and waved. The members of Generation X Waved back. That day a bridge was formed between universes and their heroes, two teams called Generation X and Young Justice.

The End, for now.

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