(Chapter 1)

by Matt Taylor

Disclaimer: These characters are the property of DC Comics. I am receiving no money from this and am doing it for my own amusement.

This is DEO, The Department of Extranormal Operations, it is their business to take care of all.....problems of unknown, supernatural, or extraterrestrial origins. It has been this way ever since they where formed. Two of their agents are right now seeing to one of the.....patients here, while his real name is Matthew Stuart, he is known much better under the name of Bedlam.

Several months ago, with the help of a super-powered genie, he captured the super-hero called Captain Marvel and used his combination of the mind of a Solomon, and the mind of a teenage boy to create a world free of adults. He sent the adults to a carbon copy of earth, keeping the kids on this one.

He was successful for quite awhile, until they entered the picture, The trio of Superboy, Robin and Impulse. Despite his limitless power they had used the one thing he hadn't counted on and beat him. The heroes on Adultworld used the powers of the stasis held Captain Marvel, and the Martian Manhunter to bring the adults back. Matthew himself was placed in a coma, and put in DEO's care. He has been comatose ever since, not even moving.

"Well, how's are guest today?"

"The same sir, not moving." Said the young ward as he and a doctor looked through the plate glass window to where the young boy was held. He was tied into an large metallic chair. It looked gruesome, but it gauged his power, and kept it from going crazy while he wasn't conscious to control it. He has been like this ever since he was brought here, they have done test after test, and none of them have revealed anything. While without the Genie he is not as powerful as before, he is still one of the most powerful beings on earth, that the gauges will tell them.

"Let's see what this stimuli will do." The Doctor pushed several buttons, and an electric jolt passes through the young boy's body, he starts to shake as it goes through him, finally it stops, and.......

"Nothing. Again." Said the disappointed doctor. "Come on, take him back to the holding cell." The ward entered the room, and directed the holding unit's wheels back towards the room that had been the boys home ever since. They rolled down the halls when the most unexpected thing happened, Matthew's eyes started to open. He looked carefully around his surroundings and saw he was obviously in some kind of hospital. He concentrated and felt a small surge of power go through him, but it was held back by this thing he was strapped in, he had to get out. He decided to wait and closed his eyes again, whoever was pushing him around looked like the not too bright type, he hoped that was true.

Eventually they got to a bland looking room, this was where he was being held obviously. He was set-up in the middle of the room.

"Well, you aren't going anywhere, so no reason to keep this on." He flipped a switch on the chair, and left. Matthew.....Bedlam focused his power, and the device self-destructed, he walked out without a scratch. He saw the door to the room, and blew it open as well, the alarms went off as he left the room.

Guards where running down the hall towards him, to bad for them, they would have enjoyed living longer. After awhile bedlam blew his way out of the facility, and created a floating disc below him, and he was in the air. He was free to go after his goal again, the destruction of all the adults of this world, but he would need help first.


" Hey guys! Look at this!" Said Robin as he rushed into the cave at Happy Harbor.

"What is it Mystery boy?" Asked Superboy. Robin held up a newspaper with the headline that read "Government installation destroyed by unknown force!"

"I recognize the area in the picture, it's the DEO headquarters." Said Robin.

"DEO?" Where I was held?" Asked the Secret.

"One and the same." Said Robin.

"Dig this. According to witness, a young boy of about ten years of age was seen floating from the installation! The boy was described as at least ten to twelve years old, and had blond hair.......Bedlam!" Said Superboy.

"Definitely, DEO was the one who was holding him. I guess it's up to us to find him." Said Robin.

"Who's Bedlam?" Asked Wondergirl.

"The first villain we ever fought as a team." Said Superboy, remember when all the adults disappeared last year?"


"Well, he's the one responsible, he wants to make a world completely free of adults of any kind."


"He doesn't like how they, and I quote, 'Push us around! Always telling us what to do!' That's what Bedlam thinks of adults, he's probably going to try it again."

"Then, as you said, it's up to us to stop him."

"Right Cassie, we'll go and look around the area, see if we can tell where he's headed." Said Robin.


"Whuh? Where am I?"

"Hello my friend, feeling better?"

"Where am I?"

"Please, wait till your sight comes back."

Finally the man regains sight. He is not much of a man, but at the same time he is perhaps the ultimate teenager on the planet. He is a clone of another teenage super-hero, who he counts as his greatest enemy. He has no other name except Match.

"Who are you?" Match asked the floating boy in front of him.

"You can call me Bedlam. I have an offer for you Match. By the way, sorry about having to be so violent in retrieving you."

"What's your offer?"

"Right to the point I see. I want to erase of the scourge of grown-ups from the planet. And I also want to take revenge on the group that put me in the "care" of DEO in the first place. You know them as Young Justice, one of there members is Superboy, a boy you've had run-ins with in the past."

"I know about him. I am him!"

"Right, I don't intend to simply place adults on a separate world, no I intend to do something much more. Interested?"

"Almost. What the rest of the deal?"

"I'll tell you once I return. I need to pick up one more piece of help, for it to work.


This is a place outside of time, it has no real name, but those who placed there headquarters her call it the Vanishing Point, it is the base of the so-called "protectors" of the time-stream the Linear Men. Rip Hunter, Liri Lee, Matthew Ryder, and Waverider, these people are about to have a very unusual visitor to this so called "unassailable fortress."

"Ryder! There's someone outside." Came the voice of the woman called Liri Lee.

"What!? Who?"

"Believe it or not, it's a 14 year old boy."

Matthew Ryder rushed out of his office, towards the outside of the fortress.

"Hey, what's going on?" Asked the time traveling "rookie" Linear Man called Waverider.

"I don't know, someone's outside. Liri, you return to duty, we'll handle this."

"Right," said the woman as she left. The two versions of the same man, went to the entrance, and found exactly what Liri said, a 14-year old boy, dressed in purple standing outside.

"Matthew Ryder I presume?"


"And, of course, his chronal doppelganger Waverider."

"Right, how'd you get here kid?"

"I found a way. I need your help Waverider, with your powers I can return to my world, and continue my plan to eliminate adult from it." Said the boy called Bedlam.

"Hah! You gotta be kidding pal!" He said.

"Ah, I thought there would be resistance, very well. To put it in simple terms, you asked for this." Suddenly there is a flash of power, and both men are thrown backwards.

"What....what was that?" Said Ryder as he weakly got up.

"Beats me?" Said Waverider as he followed suit.

"Jeez, guys, I just wanted your help, but since you've decided to make this difficult...." Suddenly everything around the two men is black, and both of them fall unconscious.

"Sorry you had to get into this Ryder, I really only want your little doppelganger here." Said Bedlam as he caused a field of energy to energize around Waverider." You really shouldn't have gotten involved." With this, Bedlam and the trapped Waverider disappear, just as two others run tot he scene.

"What the hell!"

"Hunter! What happened?" Asked Liri, as she skidded to a halt next to him.

"Your guess is as good as mine. Looks like somebody did a real number on Ryder here."


"What's that Matthew?" Asked Hunter.


"They took Waverider? Obviously. Come on, first we get Matthew to a medical room, then we see what just blew in here." He said.



"I think I can tell where he was headed." Said Robin.

"Good, then let's get going." Said Superboy.

"Wait! We can't just charge in, we need a plan!" said Arrowette.

"How can we plan?! We don't even know what he's doing.!" Said Wondergirl.

"Both are true, but we cannot go running around like chickens with our heads cut off." Said the Red Tornado. "We should probably follow the trail, we shall see what we can do once we get there."

"Good idea." Robin whistled then, and suddenly the Super-cycle appeared out of nowhere. Robin, Arrowette, and Impulse got in. "I'll see if I can get the cycle to follow the energy trail........Got it, let's go. The Cycle lifted off, with the Tornado, Superboy, Wondergirl, Secret and the Tornado flying beside it.


"What do we need him for?" Asked Match as he pointed tot he bound Waverider.

"I intend on sending all adults into the future, where they won't have a chance of being rescued. I am using Waverider's time warping power to create a time vortex around the globe, and I will use my own powers to separate adults from children, and remove them from this world." Said Bedlam.

"Nice, what do I have to do with this?"

"I'm expecting company, I need you to deal with them."


"He's one of them, I can already hear their minds coming this way now. As long as this machine remains untouched, my plan will work." Bedlam pointed to the computer control console below the machine using WaveriderÕs powers.

"So you want I should go deal with these guys?"



"Uh, guys." Said Robin.

"What is it?" Asked Superboy.

"It looks like we've found Bedlam." Said Robin, as he pointed to the hills in the distance. They could all see the spout of white energy rising from the hills, toward the sky, where it was creating a form of vortex.

"Gee Robby, you think?" Said Superboy sarcastically.

"That's not all, we got a life signature headed this way, infact it should be in our range right about now." Suddenly the cycle jerked as it was hit by a figure moving so fact as to be a blur. The blur turned around suddenly and showed himself to them.

"Match?!" Said Superboy in shock.

"Hello, my inferior self, sorry, but I can't let you get any farther."

"I don't know what you're doing here Match, but you can't stop us!"

"But I can and I will Superboy." Yelled Match as his eyes started to glow, and beams of energy flashed out, striking the boy of steel down.

"As you can see, I am still superior to you in every way."

"Okay pal, try me out then!" Yelled Wondergirl as she rammed at him.

"Ah, first a boy of steel, now a girl of wonder." Match focused his beams again, and fired at Wondergirl, she deftly dodged his blows, ramming her fist into his face, Arrowette pressed the attack, firing an exploding arrow at him, it hit him in the back and knocked him for a loop. Match turned angrily, and fired his eye-beams at the Supercycle, knocking it out of the air.

"Hey, Match! Round two!" Match turned just in time for Superboy's to hit his chin.

"Robin! Take Impulse, Arrowette, and the Secret to Bedlam, we'll deal with my clone here." Yelled Superboy.


"Just do it!" Robin relented and ran towards the tower of white light in the distance, accompanied by everyone except Supes, Wondergirl and the Tornado, who where left to deal with Superboy's evil doppelganger.

"Okay guys, be careful, I doubt we'll be able to beat Bedlam the same way twice."

"Hey I beat him before, I can do I again!" Piped in Impulse.

"Impulse! Didn't you hear me? It probably won't work this time." Said Robin, as the four of them neared the shaft of light.

"Well, what are we going to do Robin?" Asked Secret.

"Whatever we can, hopefully Bedlam isn't as powerful as he was before, that's stretching it a bit but it's all we can hope for right now."

"Looks like you're grasping for straws Robby." Said Impulse.

"I know, We beat Bedlam last time based completely on luck, let's hope that luck carried over." This was all Robin said as the ground around them came up, wrapping around them and trapping them.

"Huh, what's going on?" Yelled Arrowette as they where raised in the air.

"I happened, young lady."


"Nice to see you to Robin, I'm glad that you decided to come visit me."

"What are you up to?" Robin asked.

"It's very simple Robin. Turn your eyes toward that device." Said Bedlam as he turned their attention towards the large machine in front of them, they finally see the captured Waverider.

"I intend on using Waverider's powers to open a time portal, and send all adults flying a thousand years into the future."

"Smart move Bedlam, how are you going to stop this timewarp from sending the kids away to?"

"My powers can choose between the two, don't worry. Now, let's begin......What." Suddenly a blur of blue red and yellow slammed by them, ramming into the ground in front of them.

"You've improved some Match, but you still can't compare to the original thing!" Said Superboy as he and Match groggily got up. Match didn't bother responding, and just took and rammed forward into Superboy. The Tornado, and Wondergirl approached their trapped teammates.

"Hold tight guys. I'll get you out of here." Said Wondergirl. "Let's hope Superboy can keep them both distracted long enough for us to shut off the machine and free Waverider."

"Good idea." Said Robin.

"You thought I was just another pretty face?" Said Wondergirl.

"C'mon Match! You can do better than this." Said Superboy, edging his opponent on. This caused Match to freak, he rammed forward again, but this time Superboy sidestepped him, bad move. Match went straight at the machine, ramming headfirst into it. Suddenly there is a quiver from the energy field above.

"No, you've started the vortex too soon!" Yelled Bedlam, as a tornado appeared from the still small hole in time. This tornado started to engulf all the participants here. They where all swirled up toward the time warp.

"Tornado! Can't you do something about this wind!?"

"No Robin, it is gone to out of control for me to channel. I'm afraid we are in deep trouble."

"I can tell that, but we keep getting closer to that hole in time, we gotta do something!" Yelled the panicking Wondergirl.

"Here we go!" Yelled Arrowette as all of them where dragged into the time warp.


"Huh?! What happened?" Thought Superboy as he struggled to get to his feet. He found himself in a sterling white room, obviously a medical room. He was out of his jacket, but the uniform was still on. He was laying on a futuristic stretcher, and he was starting to wonder where he was.

"Hey, he woke up!" Came a voice from outside. He turned and saw a long window on one side of the room, with some very familiar faces on the other side.

"Hey guys!" Said Superboy as some people he knew entered the room. He was a member of this group, and right now he couldn't have been happier to see them.

The Legion of Super-heroes.

"Hey guys, so, anyone of you mind tellin' me how I got here?"

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