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Chat Info

Feel free to use the chat room anytime you want, but remember that you may feel quite lonely in it except during scheduled events.

Upcoming Chats include:

Still scheduling new chats -- check back soon!

Upcoming Creator Chat guests will include:

Karl Kessel (writer, Superboy)
Ron Marz (writer of Green Lantern)
Jerry Ordway (writer, Power of Shazam)

I'm also looking into the possibility of using the chat rooms for weekly or bi-weekly topical chats as well. Some of the topics I'm looking into include:

Young heroes of DC chat
DC-oriented websites webmasters chat (to help us all keep in touch)
So you wanna be a comic book writer/artist chat

To make these chats work, I'll need some people who can agree to host them regularly since I can't obviously be online for all of them. If you're interested in hosting one of the ones listed above or you have other ideas for chats, let me know.

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Chat Logs

Craig Rousseau (6/17/97)
Todd Dezago/Ethan Van Sciver (10/28/98)
MarvWolfman (1/26/99)
Dan Jurgens (2/2/99)

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