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November 2000 After a long hiatus (read: cancellation of the entire Milestone line), Static is back in a big way, and riding high in the Saturday morning cartoon block to boot. So we thought it would be a good time to have the first DCU:NG e-view with Milestone and State creator Dwayne McDuffy.
January 2000 After wowing fans with her work on Catwoman and Titans, Devin Grayson has an intensely personal project coming out -- The Weinbergs. Get the scoop from DG herself.
January 2000 With almost a year of Star Spangled Kid and a smoking DC crossover for Summer 1999 behind him, Geoff Johns is DC's newest "hit to watch." But what's in store for his two main titles, Star Spandled Kid and JSA?
July 1999 Now that Dan's got the reins of Aquaman and cast, just where is he taking them?
June 1999 As the newest scribe to take over the fates of DC's Titans, Devin Grayson is filling shoes that would make many comic book writers as green as a granny smith apple. Find out a little about her take on the current Titans and a few of her other projects too.
June 1999 Craig Rousseau is no longer the penciller on Impulse, but he leaves some fond memories behind. Find out his feelings on the Loebs/Rousseau run now that his tenure with DC's most impulsive teen is over.
March '99 Erik Larsen is making the sea king and his supporting cast his own. What's in store?

February '99
Karl Kesel brought a very Kirby-esque feel to Superboy lately. Find out his thoughts about his new run and a little bit of what's coming up.

February '99
What doesn't Chuck Dixon write? As the writer for Robin, Nightwing, Birds of Prey, and several Batman stories, he's probably the second most influential person in the Batman camp. He's created such memorable characters as Lynx, Spoiler, and the new Robin. In his first DCU:NG interview, I had a chance to ask about it.

January '99

After establishing his place as one of DC's top artist on the monthly Nightwing series, Scott McDaniel has garnered a large fan following. In this DCU: NG e-view, Scott talks a bit about Nightwing, art styles, and his faith.

January '99
Next to God, John Byrne knows more about comics than just about any living comic book writer (not that God's written any comics that I know of ...). He gave us the new Wonder Girl, too. Find out a little about his approach to telling stories in his e-view.

December '98
Ron Marz is at the center of the Green Lantern debate (Kyle vs. Hal for those of you who have slept through the past few years), but he's also been a writer for Superboy AND has high hopes for a DC teen of his own creation -- Cary Wren, the Green Lantern of the 30th Century.
October '98 What's the story behind the creation of Spoiler, Lynx, and the newest Robin? Find out from Tom Lyle, who co-created the characters with Chuck Dixon.

October '98

I had a chance to talk (not email, TALK on the phone) with hot fan-fave artist/writer Phil Jimenez a little about his work in the comics biz and about the Titans vs. JLA Project he's working on with Devin Grayson.

September '98
Besides being the writer for Titans and Catwoman, Devin Grayson has a lot to say in more typical-looking prose as well. For instance, in this essay entitled Eve and I, she tackles the oft-asked question, "What's it like being a FEMALE comics writer?"
September '98 What around the corner for the Legion of Super-Heroes? I contacted Tom Peyer to get the scoop.
August '98 Now Peter David is gone from Aquaman and is taking over the creative reins on Young Justice. I collaberated with Nik from The Unofficial Superboy Website to rush this little e-view off to the PadGuy and get some answers to the YJ questions on everyone's minds.
July '98 Geoff Johns and Lee Moder will be soon bringing DC teen fans a brand spanking new Star Spangled Kid. What's the scoop? Find out in their e-view.
July '98 Now That the newest incarnation of Teen Titans is over, I was curious -- some fans would be thrilled by the news, others disturbed since characters they had grown to love would disappear into comic book limbo for awhile. But what would Dan Jurgens feel ... ?
June '98 By now, you probably know that Eric Luke and Yanick Paquette are taking over Wonder Woman after John Bynre leaves the book. What does that mean for Donna Troy and the new Wonder Girl (and the original DC Amazon herself too!)? Why not look for answers in Paquette's DCU:NG exclusive interview ?
June '98 Mark who?! You mean to tell me that DCU: Next Generation scored an e-view with Mark Waid?! You know it, fan boy!. Read on.
June '98 What's gonna happen when Erik Luke takes over on Wonder Woman? And more important, will Cassie ever get a real costume?
June '98 What's William Messner-Loebs' take on his Impulse writing? Is he staying on the book for the long haul? Will Bart and Carol ever hook up and actually go on a date?
April '98 First Todd Dezago was on Young Justice, then he was off the book. Find out why (and some of his upcoming plan) in this collaborative e-view with Todd (a joint effort between The Unofficial Superboy Website and DCU: Next Generation!).
April '98 No one thought anyone could take over Impulse after Humberto Ramos left the book, but Craig Rousseau has done an admirable job pencilling the Flash Junior's adventures and designing neato new characters like Song of Justice and Evil Eye. Will he stay on the book? What's coming around the bend for the planning -impaired speedster? Craig spills the beans in his e-view exclusive.
April '98 Together with Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn helped bring Impulse to a place of prominence in the DCU. He and Waid also recreated the first year of the original JLA. What's Brian up to now, and what's in store for Impulse? Find out in Brian's e-view exclusive.
March '98 After this whole CM3 thing, I thought it would be nice to find out from Jerry Ordway if the name change was permanent and what part, if any, the 20th century Marvel family will play when Thunder comes to  hang out with the Legion of Super Heroes. Click here to read Ordway's second spin around the DCU:NG block.
March '98 Hey, guess what! I enjoyed e-talking to Dan Jurgens so much that I did it again! This time I wanted to ask him about his upcoming Titans Hunt storyline. Want to learn what I did? Then read the second e-view with Dan.
March '98
NOTE: This interview is pre-Peter David taking over as writer on YJ.
What's the scoop on the anticipated Young Justice book? Who will appear? Who will guest star? What's it like for Todd Nauck who will be getting his jollies by pencilling the book? Find out in his very own exclusive email interview. (a joint effort between The Unofficial Superboy Website and DCU: Next Generation!).
March '98 If you're not reading Legionnaires and the Legions of Super Heroes, you should be ashamed of yourself. They're simply some of the best-written and drawn teen heroes DC puts out. And swhat's up for the Legion of Super Heroes? Find out in this e-view roundtable with Jeff Moy and Tom Peyer. (a joint effort between The Unofficial Superboy Website and DCU: Next Generation!).
Feb. '98 What does the future hold for the Teen Titans when Dan Jurgens leaves? Spoilers abound in hot new talent Devin Grayson's DCU:NG exclusive email interview.
Feb. '98 Erik Larsen on Aquaman?! Yep. And to help Aquafans get a sneak peek, Erik shared a little about his plans for the sea king and his crew in this DCU:NG exclusive.
Jan. '98 Peter David. Love him or hate him, you can't ignore him. Without him, Aquaman would be symmetrical and Supergirl would be a blob pudding. What's he up to now? Find out it his DCU:NG exclusive email interview.
Jan. '98 Jerry Ordway, the scripting mind behind the way retro Power of Shazam took a little time to share with DCU:NG in his very own email interview as well.
Jan. '98 Think of the Titans and immediately the name Marv Wolfman springs to mind. Find out what he thinks about the current DC teens and the last run of the Titans in DCU:NG's exclusive email interview with THE Titans writer.
Jan '98 What's Dan Jurgen's take on the new Teen Titans lineup?  What turned him on to comics in the first place?  Find out in DCU:NG's exclusive email interview with the prolific Mr. (I killed the DC universe then restarted it) Jurgens.  
Dec. '97 Is there still room for childish innocence in the realm of super heroes? What do today's top comics creators think?  Find out in this rough draft of an article that will soon appear in Saltmine, the Webzine for thinkers who don't like canned answers.