An DCU:NG Email Interview with Dan Jurgens

I recently had a chance to ask a few questions to Dan Jurgens, writer of DC's Teen Titans. Knowing that Mr. Jurgens was a busy man, with not only Teen Titans, but Superman and Thor to contend with, I asked him if he'd be willing to answer a few questions for the Real Teen Titans guests. Thankfully, he agreed.

DCUNG: What turned you on to comics in the first place?

DJ: The old Batman tv show. That's how I first discovered comic characters and ultimately, through that, comics.

DCUNG: Do you prefer writing to drawing, drawing to writing, or doing both on a comic?

DJ: Probably both at the same time because I really don't see them as two different jobs. To me it's all just a cohesive phase of telling a story.

DCUNG: Why do you think teen heroes are becoming popular again after being so disliked during in the 80s?

DJ: First of all, I don't think they were disliked in the 80's. The best selling titles for years have been the X-books which are mostly teen heroes.

DCUNG: What character (whom you haven't had a chance to write) would you most like to write and why?

DJ: In no particular order, the Fantastic Four because the venue is limitless, Green Lantern for much the same reason and Batman because he's quite different than what I've done so far.

DCUNG: What character(s) do you find the toughest to write? The easiest?

DJ: Right now Thor is tough because it requires a different mode of thinking than I'm used to dealing with. That's good, because if it makes me work harder it means the effort is really there. The easiest is probably Superman because he's like a good old friend at this point.

DCUNG: What do you find most fulfilling about working in comics?

DJ: Comments from readers who liked my stuff once they read it. That's still a charge!

DCUNG: And now for some Teen Titans-related questions. Is Joto really gone for good?

DJ: You'll have to wait and see!

DCUNG: What is your take on Captain Marvel Jr.?

DJ: That he's having some trouble interfacing with these new friends of his, especially since Risk considers him an outsider.

DCUNG: Are any more new members planned for the Titans?

DJ: No. Better to become comfortable with the new team as it is.

DCUNG: Any special guest appearances of teen heroes coming up?

DJ: No. See the above answer.

DCUNG: How will the new JLA Jr. affect the Titans book?

DJ: Since I'll be leaving the Titans after issue 24 you'll have to wait and see. It's up to the new writer.

DCUNG: Any teasers to leave us with?

DJ: I'm afraid not. By and large I want the work to speak itself.

DCUNG: Thanks, Dan.

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