An DCU:NG Email Interview with Dan Jurgens

DCU-NG: What can you tell us about the upcoming Titan's Hunt? Does it tie into the previous Titan Hunt from a few years ago?

DJ: No. This Titans Hunt is all about the current kids and their connections to the H'San Natall.

DCU-NG: Will any of the former Titans be showing up again? What about Donna Troy this time? Or maybe Damage (in a role other than whipping boy or comic relief)?

DJ: Donna Troy is off limits. And, no offense, but I can't stand Damage.

DCU-NG: CM3 won the contest and became the new member of Teen Titans, we all know by now, but what other characters were serious contenders? Were there any you were hoping would make the team, but didn't?

DJ: I was surprised Robin didn't win the vote. But the Captain Marvel readers did a good job of rigging the contest. I remember Spoiler and Damage having a lot of support but not much beyond that.

DCU-NG: Speaking of Damage, after having him save the whole universe in Zero Hour, he now seems relegated to a goofball role in books like JLA and Teen Titans, a role that ignores completely the characterization Tom Joyner set up in his series. Your thoughts?

DJ: See above re: Damage.

DCU-NG: What is it about his character that you don't like?

DJ: Sorry, but I just think he's something of a loser character with a rather uninteresting power.

DCU-NG: Well, I did ask. Would it have been hard to write him then if he had won the vote?

DJ: No. I would have done my best to make it work. I let him be one of the key players at the end of Zero Hour, remember.

DCU-NG: With the upcoming Tangent event, we'll get another chance to see the way cool Tangent teen, the Flash. Will any other Tangent teen heroes be making appearances in the event?

DJ: No, Flash is the only one planned at present though that could change.

DCU-NG: What spoilers can you give us about the upcoming Tangent storylines?

DJ: Zip! Zilch! Zero! I want the readers to be surprised by the stories themselves...not the rumors.

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