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image by Joe Thompson

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Latest Update
Link of the Week

If you are an older comics reader, you can probably remember the first time you saw Robin or the pre-Crisis Superboy and thought to yourself, "Gee, I'd love to be like that. I'd love to be able to hang out with Batman or fly like Superman."

Or maybe you're a newer or younger reader who first found the attraction when a certain impulsive speedster teen from the 30th century escaped to the 20th century with his grandmother? Or maybe it's another character who grabbed your interest. Possibly the spunky Arrowette, who is willing to tell off the JLA to their faces. Or perhaps a lesser-known character such as Anima or Rose Wilson.

Regardless of the whos and the whoms, one thing is still sure: young heroes have found a way to captivate comic book readers all over again, particularly readers of the DC Comics universe.

So, whomever you are, welcome to DCU: Next Generation, the premiere website dedicated to following the exploits of those amazing young heroes of DC Comics!

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The Latest Update:

DCU: Next Generation Christmas Bonus

What's in this issue?
* A domain of our own
* Why aren't you updating, you bum?
* What do you mean, "I have to buy your new book?"

Check it out. No more hard-to-remember urls for finding your favorite DC teens site. Now it's as easy as going to www.dcunextgeneration.com. Cool, huh? Sigh, the things I do for you guys... :::grins:::

Sorry. I could use the excuse that paying work took precedence over the website, and while that's true, I have been more than a little lax in getting all the great new stories and art and other stuff you guys have been sending posted. But here's my promise. I'll try to have it all up by Christmas Day since I get some days off for the holiday season. Just consider it my gift to you. :::grins:::

There'll be lots of new goodies, including:
* a slamming new look and navigation system
* new fan art
* new fan fic
* a new column by the gals of Sequential Tart -- Tarts and Teens
* an e-view with Dwayne McDuffy, head honcho of Milestone and creator of Static
* the return of Design Your Own Hero and Design Your Own Team
* even more free online comics
* major additions to the DC Teens Project
* and even more that I don't have room to mention

Oh, and as a reward for your patience, I'll also post the final chapter of "Spoiler's Diary: Nightmare World" AND "Moon Over My Justice." How's that?

A while back, some misguided fan listed me as one of the top 10 non-pros who needs to be working as a pro in comics (on the Dixonverse Message Board). Well, that person and any other fans of my superhero stories can now buy my first book in the genre.

Some of you may know that for quite a while now, I've been on staff at Cyber Age Adventures as Assistant Editor/Staff Writer. Well, now I'm also the editor of the new collection of short stories A PRIVATE LITTLE CORNER OF THE UNIVERSE: CYBER AGE ADVENTURES VOLUME 2. In addition to editing the book, I also contributed 10 stories to the collection. For a limited time only, if you buy the book (available at www.cyberageadventures.com, published by Cyber Age Press) and put "DCU: Next Generation Special" and your home address for the shipping address (then email me and let me know your home address so I can send it), I'll be happy to have it delivered here first to be autographed and then send it on it's way to you.

There are actually three volumes of short stories out, and I hope you'll pick them all up, and also pick up the February issue of Wizard (available in January) since Cyber Age will be featured in the magazine that issue.

Well, here's the press release with more information...

Contact: Frank Fradella, Editor of Cyber Age Adventures
e-mail: Editor@cyberageadventures.com

BOYNTON BEACH, FLA., December 8, 2000 -- Cyber Age Press, the newly formed publishing division of Cyber Age Adventures (www.cyberageadventures.com), has released the first three books in their ground-breaking line of superhero fiction.

Cyber Age Adventures (Volume 1) is the second edition of the tome formerly published by iUniverse.com. The new version removes the sometimes clumsy artwork that accompanied the stories, preferring to let the prose speak for itself. The nonfiction portion of the book has been removed as well, but has been replaced by personal anecdotes by owner/author Frank Fradella, lending new insights into the creation of some of the Cyber Age Universe's most exciting characters. The revised edition also incorporates the popular Anytown Gazette into the layout, allowing further insight into the tales.

"A Private Little Corner of the Universe - CAA Anthology Volume 2" features the staff writers and editors of Cyber Age Adventures, Sean Taylor, Tom Waltz and Bill Purcell. Collected here are the fantastic stories that readers of the e-zine been enjoying since the company's earliest days. In addition, several never-before-seen tales by Tom Waltz and Sean Taylor make their debut. Sean Taylor also served as editor for this volume, adding another notch on his belt of responsibilities for the rapidly expanding publisher.

"Creating a unified corner of the Cyber Age Universe was scary and imposing and a heck of a lot of fun -- especially after seeing the quality of the brand new stories by Tom," said Taylor of his turn at the helm. "And having the freedom to write a story that would never fit the e-zine, both in terms of length and scope, (T Minus-1) was empowering. Getting to tell a story that big and still be true to the heart of what Cyber Age Adventures is is an experience I truly thank Frank for."

"The Timelessness of Ghosts - CAA Anthology Volume 3" delivers another pathos-packed publication featuring the characters of the Core Universe. The creative force behind Cyber Age Adventures, Frank Fradella, has also written two new stories exclusively for this anthology, including the introduction of a new Core Hero, Naiad. The book also includes the ephemeral and haunting tale "Burn Down the Mission" which only appeared on the company's Website for 48 hours.

All three volumes are available from Cyber Age Adventures at www.cyberageadventures.com in trade paperback and ebook formats.

Cyber Age Adventures publishes superhero entertainment aimed at a more mature audience. Determined to separate their stories from the misconception that comic books and superheroes are synonymous, the company publishes no sequential art, but focuses instead on literary prose designed to display the humanity of their characters. Cyber Age Adventures, the online magazine, was recently voted the third Best Fiction Magazine on the Web by an online poll. For a free subscription, send an e-mail to CyberAge-subscribe@egroups.com.

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Link of the Week

Women in Refrigerators
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