An DCU:NG Email Interview with Jerry Ordway

After finding out that Captain Marvel Jr.'s name became CM3, I was curious as to whether or not the change was permanent. And on top of that, I really wanted to find out more from Jerry about the chances of a POS/LSH crossover when Thunder debuted in the Legion books.  So I asked. Luckily, Jerry answered.

DCU-NG: CM3?! Is that a permanent name change (or as long as permanent means in comics)? Why did you overlook the obvious CMJ?

JO: Sean, I'd like to see the CM3 change be permanent. I think through the character, Freddy didn't want to refer to the JUNIOR part of his name at all, therefore, CM3. I named him well over a year ago, in a plot that sat around waiting for Gil Kane to be available again, but alas, Gil's schedule couldn't be worked out, so Mike Manley stepped in admirably.

DCU-NG: How has fan reaction to the new name been so far?

JO: Sean, I can't rightly tell, as I haven't seen letters to the editor yet. I hope people like it, but sometimes it just needs to sink in after awhile for them to get accustomed. It gives Freddy a separate identity, which I think is good, though.

DCU-NG: According to the Legion crew, Thunder may be coming soon after their current Dark Circle storyline. Will there be any coordination between POS and LSH teams?

JO: Again, the THUNDER stuff was supposed to happen while the LEGION was in current continuity, but was tied to a storyline I'm working on now (#42-on...) but because things got delayed (first the Genesis x-over, then Starman,) we missed their window of availability. Now, I have to drop Thunder into the LEGION'S time-frame, with little hope of a full-fledged x-over, as there are too many time-travel stories going on now! Oh, well...

DCU-NG: Will there be any chance of having a POS/LSH crossover when the Thunder storyline happens? That would be cool. I'd love to see Jr. interact with the Legionnaires.

JO: Again, see above answer.

DCU-NG: With Jurgen's run on Titans ending and Devin Grayson taking the book and team in a new direction entirely, will Jr. be moving back into POS fulltime?

JO: As of Shazam #42, Freddy will be unavailable for the TITANS for awhile, but I haven't heard whether Ms Grayson is interested in CM3 either. From what I've read, she's going to focus on the original members.

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