Cry of the Temptress
(Chapter 1)
by Amanda Kennedy

Note: This is before the quake that totaled Gotham. Tim and the Spoiler are not together, and he and Ari are on a break. Thank you much, and enjoy the story!

From NightwingÕs case book

IÕll have to thank Oracle the next chance I get, I thought as I took hold of the next jump line. Without her help, I never would have found this Pete Grook. This guy just moved to Bludhaven and posses no police record available.

For weeks IÕve been after this guy. He started a whole new drug ring, one that just happened to be very closed to my apartment. But since this guy had no record I could get a hold of, I had to call Babs and see if she could pinpoint where this guy gets his supplies. And like I knew she would, she found him. To my surprise, the moron was getting his supplies of heroin and crack on Littleneck Narrows Bridge. Now how they get shipments of drugs on a bridge that splits to let ships into the bay baffles me, but somehow they do.

I swung on one more jump line, then landed on a fire escape near the bridge. Peeping out from around the corner I could spot five guys and one girl fawning over the tallest guy out of the bunch. It didnÕt take a lot of guessing to figure out that had to be Pete Grook. Well, if heÕs new to town he probably doesnÕt expect any trouble, not even from the cops. Guess IÕll just have to introduce myself, I thought with a sly grin. ItÕs show time!

I stepped out of the dark and saw something I didnÕt expect. "Huh?" There was someone already there kicking my targets butt. But didnÕt call any of the others in on this. Who was that out there? How did they know about this jerks shipment drop off? As far as I could tell from the distance I was from the fight happening before my eyes I could make out the form of a girl-kicking butt on those hoods. So who was it? Huntress? Spoiler? Donna? Kory? I had to find out. I ran towards the bridge.

The closer I got the more of those crack heads went down. This girl was good. She had to be to take down the muscle I heard that Pete had hired. But she was using moves I didnÕt recognize, or at least none of the other female heroes I knew would use. This had to be some new kid to the hero business.

I finally made it to the bridge, and by the time I did every crook was down on the ground unconscious. They were probably dreaming about changing their pick up location.

I should have used a little more stealth because when the girl caught sight of me she bolted in the other direction. I just kept running to catch up to her. "Hey, stop!" I shouted at her. She kept her back to me and picked up some speed. Like she needed it. She had a heck of a head start on me and had the endurance to back it up. I switched on the COM unit hidden in my mask. It took Oracle a few rings to pick up.

"Huh, Nightwing, whatÕs up?" Oracle asked me via COM.

"IÕm chasing after some girl and I canÕt get a good look at her. I need you to take some satellite pictures of her. IÕm sending you the coordinates now." I told her pushing the muscles in my legs to gain some speed of my own.

"IÕm on it, Dick." she replied. ÔCome by tomorrow if you need them." She shut down the connection just as the mystery girl shot out a grappling hook. She was ready to swing away when she whirled around and flung something at my heels. I had to skid to a stop to slow down. I quickly shielded me face and eyes with my arms.

It wasnÕt what I thought it was. I just assumed that she would throw an explosive charge at me. But it wasnÕt, it was just a simple smoke pellet. The smoke was wrapped around me seconds later. Coughing, I ran out of the cloud to look up at an empty night sky. She was gone. And I didnÕt even get a good look at her. Well, at least Oracle got some snap shots of her, right?

I went home after another patrol sweep. When I switched on my computer, I got that little sign that read "YouÕve got mail". I brought it up. Two e-mails were junk from sales people. But one was from Barbara. It was a shot letter that said Sorry. I needed to send them to you now. I also sent you some info on her, where sheÕs been sighted, stuff like that. Take care!

I printed out the pictures. The shots werenÕt beautiful portraits, but what can you do? I took a good look at the shots. This girl was young, close to RobinÕs age. She was wearing a sky blue body suit with a silver cross-utility belt over her chest. She wore a silver mask and her long blonde hair down. Next I picked up the info Barbara sent for me. All the sightings of this girl placed her to a high school. Westbridge High School in northern Bludhaven. The locals heard her call herself the Temptress. What a weird name for a super heroine, it wasnÕt like any other. Guess that was the point.

Hmmm, I canÕt pass for a teenager anymore; I thought rubbing my chin. I wouldnÕt be able to pass for a teacher either. But, I do know someone who can.

From RobinÕs case book

I was able to convince my dad to let me visit a friend in Bludhaven. Then, once I was there, Dick filled me in gave me the info he said I would need, some cash for anything IÕd need, and then told me to change my looks before we went to his place.

In the bathroom of a nearby gas station, I dyed my black hair as brown as I could get it. I put on a pair of gold wire rimmed glasses to top it off. When I came out, Dick put on a big grin.

"Hey, Aaron! What took you so long?" he greeted me leading me out of the gas station. "Aaron?" I hissed in his ear a little an annoyed.

He shrugged. "It was the best I could come up with."

" You owe me." I replied shoving my pointer finger in his face. "Big time."

"Relax. You just go to the school with the visitorÕs pass I gave you. ThereÕre only seven girls there that match the description," Dick said to calm me down.

"Seven!" I gave him a look that told him I wasnÕt exactly happy with the way things looked.

"Come on, Boy Wonder. YouÕll be fine." he assured me as we got into his car.

I let out a sigh as we drove off. I still couldnÕt believe I had let Dick talk me into this case. And I still wasnÕt sure I wanted to run into this Temptress just yet. Hope Dick was right about this being easy. And who knows? He might actually be right for once. The next morning Dick woke me up with just enough time to get ready for my first day at Westbridge. He even drove me there. Ten minutes later I was standing outside the high school with my backpack slung over my right shoulder. I took a deep breath, this was gonna be one strange day.

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