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The Spoiler's Diary:  Nightmare World
by Sean Taylor

The Superboy Story
by Sean Taylor

Forgotten Heroes: Twisted Metal
by Sean Taylor

Girl's Night Out
written by Sean Taylor
art by Stephen Doll

Moon Over My Justice
(YJ vs. The Sailor Scouts)
by Sean Taylor

  • Part One  
  • Part Two (Variant A by Amanda Kennedy, concludes)  NEW!
  • Part Two (Variant B by by Sean Taylor, continues)  NEW!

Bats, Birds, and Psychotic Clowns
T.J. Keitt

Citizen Drake
by T.J. Keitt

Cut to the Quick  
by Impulsefan

Kids These Days
by Impulsefan

Triple Threat
by Shaun Barrow

Times Remembered
by Craig T. Young

Bird and the Arrow
by Craig T. Young

Damage Control
by K. Nwaneri  

Ferro's Future Diary  
by Nik Stanosheck

The Fire in Which We Burn
by Nik Stanosheck

Ordinary Hero  
by Skyrocket

Young Heroes Night Out
by Luke C. Crisalli

The Power Titans' Swinging Christmas Carol
by Ivan Ronald Schablotski

Nowhere Men
(featuring the Young Heroes for Hire)

by Ivan Ronald Schablotski

World Without Adult Heroes
by various authors

1999-2099: The Hundred Years War
Featuring YJLA-Next and the Leagion of Galactic Guardians

by Ivan Ronald Schablotski

The Toxic Racer
by Loborine

The Origin of the Protector
by Keith A. Kilburn

A (Speed) Force To Be Reckoned With
by EBCImpulse

Superboy's Summer
by Gil Baron

Smoke and Mirrors
by Misted

Young Justice/ Generation X: To Save Two Worlds 
by Tony Thornley

Time Trippin'
by Tony Thornley and Humber12 Blackwolf

Kid Lantern
by G. Mevius

Superman: The Legacy 
by Scott Redding

Cry of the Temptress
by Cassie Fitzgerald (with  Amanda Kennedy)

Night on the Town
by ???

Young Justice / Legion of Super-Heroes: Let's Do the Timewarp Again!
by Matt Taylor

The New Girls
by Green Lantern Lady