Kid Lantern
Chapter One

By G. Mevius

"Oops,"called a sardonic voice, as he dumped his lunch all over Wade Ross.

"I'm gunna --" Wade retorted.

"Your gunna what?" the jock that had spilled food on wade said menacingly.

"Nothing," Wade said backing down. He hated Derek Johnson; he always acted like this, such a jerk.

"Are you OK?" asked a familiar voice.

"I'm fine," he said staring at the voluptuous girl.

"Kim, get back over here." Derek's voice slashed through the moment like a hot knife through butter.

"I'm sorry Wade, got to go," said Kim as she quickly moved back over to where Derek was sitting.

Wade was always treated this way; one moment people would treat him like dirt, and others, they would feel sorry for him. He was, at one time, very popular. He was on every single team ever made up, from track to basketball, even soccer. Then the accident happened, his mother and him were driving home from the grocery store, and his mother didn't even see the drunk in the truck. His mother died instantly and he hasn't walked without a limp since.

Wade returned home that day, still covered from the spaghetti, and quickly changed and checked his messages. His dad of course, making appointments with him, and not actually spending time with him.

"Hey Wade how about we go to Warriors tonight," his fathers' voice called from the machine.

"Sure, what ever you want dad," he answered back to the machine, which he did often.

His father picked him up at six and took him to the place they usually went on Thursday; even Guy Gardner knew Wades' name. They ate and really didn't converse. Wades father got up to use the restroom, and Guy sat down next to him.

"I've noticed you for a long time," said Guy, "and I don't have time to talk for very long, but I think you would be perfect." With this he handed him a napkin wadded up and quickly left the table. Wades father returned and wade placed the napkin into his pocket and forgot about it.

That night, while getting ready for bed he felt the napkin in his pocket. He took it out and placed it on his dresser, but when he turned off the lights, it began to glow. He turned the lights back on and unwrapped it, and inside was some sort of yellow ring, like Guy had had a long time ago, only with the Green Lantern symbol on it. He decided to try it onÉ

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