Moon Over My Justice
(Part Two -- Variant A)
by Amanda Kennedy

Impulse gulped down a lump of fear. Five were girls standing over him anxious to see the Meatball headed one blast him with light from her wand.

“Do it already.", the tallest girl told the meatball headed one.

Suddenly, a mist swirled in around them covering Impulse mostly. The five girls in short skirts coughed and tried to look around, but they couldn't see him anymore.

A soft hand grabbed Impulse's wrist and jerked him off his back away from the girls. When he finally shook off the pain, he saw Secret smiling at him.

“ Are you glad I followed you? “, she asked him floating at eye level.

“ There! “, another blonde girl in red and yellow cried pointing at him.

“ Uh-oh. “, Imp said.

“ Don't worry. “, Secret told him. “ The others were behind me. “

* * *

Wonder Girl carried Robin while Superboy gave Arrowette a lift. The Boy Wonder seen Secret zoom on ahead of them, and even though he didn't like the idea, he told

W.G. and Superboy to hurry up.

“ What do you thinks going on? “, Wonder Girl demanded setting Robin on the ground. He off looked down the sidewalk. There was Impulse and Secret across from five girls in short skirts each with different color trim. One, with a Meatball hairstyle, was holding a wand that seemed to be directing light. The girls seemed to be making a half circle around a guy who was lying on the ground unconscious.

Superboy almost laughed when he saw the guy on the ground. The dude was wearing a tuxedo for cripes sake! He looked more like he was ready to go ballroom dancing than to be a villain.

The rest of the members of the YJ ran to Secret and Impulse. Arrowette looked Impulse over. “ You okay? “

“ Sortta. “, he shrugged.

The Meatball headed girl seemed to be really ticked. She held her wand in her hand aiming it at them. “You all must be servants of Emerald, which makes you enemies. “, she cried. “ I am Sailor Moon, and on behalf of the moon, I will punish you!"

Robin took a step forward. “ Look, I don't know who you are, but we don't have to fight you, just….”

“ Moon Scepter power! “, shouted aiming her wand at him. A blast of light shot out at him.

Split seconds away from being blown to dust, Robin leaped out of the way. A moment later he tumbled to his feet

taking out his extending Bo staff. “ Consider them hostile! “, he exclaimed. Young Justice leaped into action. So did the Sailor Scouts, all except Sailor Mercury. She was looking on her mini super computer. It brought up six files on each of the YJ members. Her eyes went wide and her muscles tightened.

“ Uh…. Sailor Moon, I think we've got trouble. “, Sailor Mercury told her in her little soft voice.

“ What? “ Sailor Moon could barely hear her.

“ I said we've got trouble! “, she shouted as loud as she could. “ These guys are super heroes, too! “

“ More like super villains. “, Sailor Moon commented. “ Who are they? “

Looking at the files, Mercury pointed at one girl with long blonde hair who was holding a bow pointing her arrow. " That one's Arrowette, a young archer. " Then she pointed at a boy with an S on his chest. He's Superboy, a clone of Superman, the Man of Steel. " Her finger then landed on a cloud girl who was closing in around Sailor Venus. " She's known as the Secret, and there's nothing else here. " Next she pointed at the boy swinging a staff at Sailor Jupiter. " He's Robin, the Boy Wonder. The press labeled him the leader. " Suddenly, a girl stood in front of Sailor Moon, a cocky grin on her face along with a pair of skate board goggles. She was wearing a jacket, knee pads, and a W on her chest. She appeared ready for a tough fight. " That's Wonder Girl. ", Mercury told her friend, not sure what 'wonders' this girl possessed.

Wonder Girl tackled Sailor Moon. They wrestled, rolling away from sailor Mercury. She was busy reading the last file.

" That just leaves........."

A breeze blew by her, making her drop the tiny computer. Mercury looked up to see a boy with wild hair, a devil-may-care grin, and a red and white costume. His eyes lit up with a sly, silent laughter. " Round two, girly-girl."

" Impulse. ", she gasped. " The speedster! "

* * *

Superboy flew up and into a girl in red with dark hair. She rolled on the ground, but somehow landed in a knelling position. Her face was determined. She was not about to let this arrogant boy take her down that easily! Not without getting some good punches in!

" In the name of Mars, I will punish you! ", the girl shouted up at the Kid. She held her hands in front of her, aiming at him. " FIRE SOUL! " Flames shot from her fingers, burning like the flames of the inferno. It consumed him quickly in an uproar of pure heat. He fell to the ground, flames all over his costume. Burning the grass underneath him, he rolled to smother the flames.

* * *

Sailor Jupiter took off her tiara, yelling, " JUPITER THUNDER CRASH! " Arrowette gasped as lightning came down from the heavens above into the jewel of her crown. Then the lightning came out at Arrowette. " Oh God! "

She did a running jump to escape the fury of the electric blast. When she tucked and rolled, she strung a bolo arrow, and shot it at her opponent. Jupiter was soon wrapped up in a very strong twine.

" You won't be able to use your weapons for long. ", Sailor Jupiter told her through grit teeth, struggling against the twine binding her arms to her waist. " I am Sailor Jupiter, and in the name of the planet Jupiter, I will punish you. "

" You can try, little miss sailor, You can try. ", Arrowette remarked with a sneer, shooting another trick arrow at her.

* * *

" VENUS LOVE CHAIN ENCIRCLE!", Sailor Venus shouted generating a chain of energy from her fingers. It shot out and made a circle around the Secret, who was floating above her. The chain wrapped around her in an attempt to restrain her. Shrugging her misty shoulders, Secret dived through the chain as a gas. she let out a sigh, " I don't see how Robin can see these girls as dangerous. "

" I'll show you why! ", Venus implied challengingly. " VENUS CRESCENT BEAM SMASH! "

A massive energy beam grew bigger and bigger in between her fingers. She aimed it at the mist girl before her. The glow it created was blinding, yet Secret could stare at it in horror.

The beam hit her like a ton of bricks. She rolled around on the sidewalk, screaming in agony.

* * *

Impulse zoomed around the girl again. She was in a light blue sailor suit. He was almost sure he could take her down like the tux guy, but he remembered what the meatball headed girl had done. This one might be able to do worse.

" Douse yourself in some water and repent! ", the girl cried. " For I am Sailor Mercury, and if you hurt Tuxedo Mask and attacked the rest of my friends, I will teach you a hard lesson. "

If Max didn't try to teach me enough, now it's her too, Impulse thought with a silent sigh and a groan. Hope this won't be a math lesson.

Sailor Mercury watched the speedster with a wary eye. She had to come up with her best plan ever without giving him a chance to fight back. Then she had an idea. " MERCURY ICE STORM BLAST! ", she shouted spraying a blast of ice at the unsuspecting Impulse. He was frozen in place.

Mercury let out a sigh of relief. a hand tapped her on the shoulder from behind a second later. " Uh. I guess your little 'Dear Diary' didn't tell you that I could vibrate enough to melt your ice cubes, did it? ", he bragged.

Mercury panicked. " MERCURY BUBBLE BLAST! "

A fog generated around the both of them. Impulse was just about to blow it away, but something unexpectedly hit him in the back of the head. He landed face first on the sidewalk.

Sailor Mercury had found one of Tuxedo Mask's throwing roses and had throw it at him praying it would work. Then she again used her ice storm blast to put Impulse in an ice cube from the neck down. she stood hoping the others were having the same luck. But with her own fog surrounding them, she couldn't see them.

* * *

Robin was running around to try to make it to wonder Girl's side. She was fighting the girl who had called herself sailor Moon. And she might need some help. But a voice from behind him caused him to stop. " You....must be working....with the boy who.....was mocking me. In the name of Lady Emerald, I will destroy the both of you! And then the meddling sailor Scouts! "

To Robin's surprise, it was the boy in the tux that was threatening him. well, this was a twist, but what could this guy do? Was he as dangerous as Sailor Moon?

" Look, I'm sure you're just one of these girls' dates right? ", Robin remarked with a sigh. Did they have to get in a fight everywhere they went?

" The Sailor Scouts are here then? ", the guy said as he stood to his full height. Then pure confidence began to flood his voice. " Ha! When I'm finished with you, I'll will gladly take care of them. "

Oh brother, Robin thought rolling his eyes behind his mask. Tux boy thinks he's on a roll of mass destruction! Another psychopath!

" All right, look, I'm done fooling........", Robin started, but Tuxedo Mask startled him when he whipped something out from under his cape. One of his throwing roses.

The Boy Wonder tried to dodge whatever was thrown at him, but he caught it in his right arm. It seemed to almost bruise the skin, just like if he'd been hit. I guess those things are more dangerous than they appear, Robin thought. I'd better be careful.

" Looks like you've got a few tricks. ", Robin said grinning as he took back out his bostaff. " Now I'll show you mine! " Robin leaped at Tuxedo Mask, swinging his staff at his head. With lightning fast reflexes, Tuxedo Mask had blocked the blow with his own metal cane.

" I'm not very impressed. ", Tuxedo Mask said through grit teeth. He swung his cane at the Boy Wonder's middle. Robin hopped back, letting the cane miss him by mere inches.

" This is pointless. ", Robin commented blocking his opponent's next strike that was aimed for the back bend of his legs. " I don't even know who you are, or what you call yourself. "

" I am Tuxedo Mask, your superior. ", the dude replied. He thrust the balled and of his cane at Robin's face.

Robin rolled backwards into a kneeling position, then swung his staff in an arch to trip Tuxedo Mask. Gracefully, the guy in the tuxedo over the staff, jabbing the end of his cane into Robin's chin once again.

" Unnfff! " Robin ended up laying on his back.

Tuxedo Mask put his cane back where he'd taken it out from. He bent over picking up Robin's bostaff from the young hero's side. He looked over it with a grin. " This is an interesting weapon. So sleek. "

The Boy Wonder had made it up to his feet without his opponent reacting to it. But the in a flash, Tuxedo Mask hit Robin in the chest with full force.

" Oh! " The younger hero held his ribs. Savagely, Tuxedo Mask hit him in the face again. Then in his chest. Then his face. And again, with all his strength, Tuxedo Mask struck Robin in the chest. It sent him tumbling down the sidewalk and onto his back again.

" Ohhhhhhh. ", Robin moaned trying to roll over as he climbed to his feet. But the pain was bad enough to keep him to his knees.

Tuxedo Mask walked to behind where Robin knelt groaning in pain. With his white gloved hand he stoked the silver of the bostaff. Then with a look of hate down at his foe, he quickly raised and struck Robin in the back again with his own staff. The Boy Wonder was now spread out over the pavement.

With a triumphant laugh, Tuxedo Mask, stepped over Robin to the edge of the street. A sneer spread across his face as he spotted Sailor Moon fighting with the girl Sailor Mercury had called Wonder Girl. Wonder Girl seemed to be winning.

Sailor Moon was standing with her back to him. The perfect target, he thought evilly, and no one to stop me! Tuxedo Mask still gripped the Boy Wonder's staff, the muscles in his arms tightening.

" You're mine, Sailor Moon! ", he shouted.

* * *

You're mine Sailor Moon! The words seemed to echo off into infinity. Robin's head rose when he heard those words. This whole fight was a misunderstanding, he understood that. But if he let that Sailor Moon girl get hit, the situation would just go from bad to worse.

The world seemed to slow down as Tuxedo Mask threw the staff at the back of Sailor Moon's head. And almost as if in slow motion, the girl turned around, and let out a startled cry. The Sailor Scouts looked on helpless to stop the staff, and so did the YJ members.

Out of no where, Robin's arm came out whacking the the staff off course. it clanged when it hit the street. The blow wouldn't have been fatal, but it would have tipped the scale either way. It could have meant that the Sailor Scouts would never give up the fight against Young Justice, or peace between both groups.

Sailor Moon looked at Robin with wide eyes. He had a bloody lip and was holding his chest, he looked absolutely beat. Her breath was still for a moment.

" Let's try this again. " Robin held out his hand. " I'm Robin. "


" Why......? ", Sailor Moon started.

" ....did I knock the staff out of the way? Because I knew that you girls are on the same side as the rest of us. ", Robin interrupted to explain. "But I'm not so sure about Tuxedo Mask. He's the one who threw my staff. "

The YJ members and Sailor Scouts seemed to come unfrozen at that moment. They stood behind their respected leaders, and waited. It took a moment before someone said something.

" But Tuxedo Mask is on our side," Sailor Jupiter implied.

" Yeah, he always helps us," Sailor Mars insisted.

Superboy hovered over to Tuxedo Mask and held his arms slightly behind him, rendering the unwilling servant or Emerald almost harmless.

" Unhand me! ", the overdressed guy exclaimed angrily.

" Want me to gag 'em?" Superboy cracked looking over at Robin with a sly grin.

" Emerald must have turned him against us. ", Sailor Moon said to the other scouts.

" If you mean the lady who shoved a rock in his chest, then yup. ", Impulse nodded.

" How would you reverse that? ", Secret asked confused.

" Like this. " Sailor Moon stepped forward taking out the Cosmic Crescent wand. She pointed it's tip at the struggling Tuxedo Mask. " MOON  HEALING ACTIVATION! " A ray of brilliant light shot out at Darien. A second later his head was hanging. Then his eyes fluttered open.

" Whah.....What happened? ", he moaned looking up.

Superboy let him go as Sailor Moon ran into Tuxedo Mask's arms.

* * *

Minutes later, you wouldn't have been able to tell the sailor Scouts had just been fighting with Young Justice. They were just chatting and getting to know each other. Even if minutes ago they'd been trying to destroy each other, they got along nicely.

But then another unexplainable portal opened, and this one didn't try to drag them in. hey could see a beautiful city in it, and that's when the sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask realized they had to go home. Crystal Tokyo needed them.

" Maybe we'll meet again one day. ", sailor Mercury told Robin.

" Yeah, and next time on better circumstances. ", Sailor Venus laughed as she and the others climbed into the mouth of their way home.

Sailor Moon gave the final wave as the portal closed. In a flash, the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask had all been transported back to Crystal Tokyo.

Darein solemnly looked up at the crescent moon in the sky high above them. His blue eyes squinted behind his white mask as he pondered what had transpired to bring them there and back. " I wonder if we will ever see them again. "

* * *

Young Justice had begun to head back to the cave. Everyone, but Robin, who was steering the Super Cycle, was talking excitedly about sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Tuxedo Mask. " Did you see the fire attack Sailor Mars used on S.B. ? ", Arrowette remarked.

" Or the lightning that Sailor Jupiter conjured up? ", Impulse added. he was about to say something else, that only he would say, but then he saw Robin's blank face. Superboy saw it too.

What's up, Fearless Leader? "

Robin turned to look over at Impulse. " Why did you run off ahead, Bart? That's the only part of this whole thing that I don't get. "

" I-uh........." He wasn't sure he wanted to answer.

" Yeah, Secret told me she had to bail you out from the Scout's next hit. ", Wonder Girl said.

Impulse looked over at Secret. Even though her name said otherwise, she was a big blabber mouth.

The End

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