The New Girls
(part two)
by Green Lantern Lady

Author's Note: Liz Paige and Caitlin Arnold were ordinary girls from our world, the boring one where superheroes are only little dots of ink on paper. They idolized the Green Lantern and the Flash, their favorite heroes, and wished that could have their powers, even though they knew it was impossible. Then, one fateful day while they were walking home from school, Liz picked up an odd-looking marble, like the type used in fish tanks. Thinking nothing of it, Liz showed Caitlin the marble. They accidentally touched it at the same time and were sucked into another world- one that they knew well, Metropolis. They eventually were able to blackmail their way into the home of Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman, and during their stay, attained the powers they had always dreamed of. The girls discovered how to use the “marble” to travel back and forth between the two universes that they called home. And now they know that dreams really can come true…

It was a dark, clear night, a bit on the cool side. The cold air glittered with the promise of something, though Green couldn't quite put her finger on it. Something was going to happen tonight. She could feel it in her bones.

The girls arrived at the docks around 11: 50, just to check around. Clark was at home, manning the emergency alert's main computer, ready to come at a moment's notice in case there was any trouble. Flash Girl was ready to alert him in a split-second if the Young Justice weren't there- her fingers kept on coming back to the intercom button on her communicator-watch, touching the little round piece of metal, but never actually pressing it.

The two settled in behind some boxes that were stacked next to some type of warehouse or factory that was right up at the edge of the boardwalk. Carefully, they peered over the top of the boxes, hiding in the shadows. Even though the large, wooden crates enclosed them on almost all sides- they had squeezed through a gap made by the wall and a shipping crate- they still felt awfully exposed. Green's mind was racing with worries and questions as to why they had come in the first place, and Flash Girl was nervously vibrating at a speed that made her look fuzzy at the edges. Both of them weren't entirely surprised to see who was waiting for them at the docks.

As Green had thought, it wasn't the Young Justice. Instead, a group of uniformed men were waiting for them, armed with an arsenal of high-tech machinery, all of which looked as if it was intended for the capture of a wild beast- or a superhero, Green thought grimly. As her eyes wandered around the men, she noticed three bold, white letters sewn onto the arms of the uniformed mens' jackets- D.E.O. Quickly, she grabbed Flash Girl and pulled her down out of sight.

"Stay down," she hissed, glancing around nervously. "If those guys find us, we'll be about as dead as Ben Franklin."

"Why? Who are they?" Flash Girl asked, wanting to get another look at the men.

"The D.E.O. They're these guys who take superhero-type people like us and perform weird, horrible experiments on them. They're heartless, vicious monsters, and they want us," was the nervous reply. Green's heart was racing. If these guys got their hands on either one of them, there was no telling what they'd do.

"I'll call Superman," Flash Girl said, decisively. She was about to click on the intercom when Green grabbed her hand.

"We can't bring him here," she whispered, oddly calm. "Imagine what they'd do if they caught HIM, too! Every scientist in the whole D.E.O. would be snapping at the chance to 'study' the Man of Steel. Can you even vaguely imagine what they'd do to him?"

Flash Girl thought of Clark, laying on a dissection table, with evil, twisted "doctors" cutting him to little pieces…

"You're right," she said, eyes tearing. "We can't bring him here. Still, he needs to know what's going-"

She was inturrupted by the sound of something scuffling around outside the barrier made by the crates. Both of the girls held their breaths while what sounded like a man and a tracking dog searched the outside of their hiding place. The hairs on the back of Green's neck stood up when she heard the D.E.O. agent say something to the dog that made her very, very nervous:

"What's that, boy?" the man said, a hint in his voice showing that the dog had found something. "You smell something? What is it, boy? What is it?" Changing his voice to a more serious tone, the man called to the other officers. "I think we've found something over here! Bring the nets!"

I don't think so, buddy, Green thought, her ring starting to glow a bright green. You're not dragging me off to your little freak show. To Flash Girl she whispered "Call Superman. Tell him what's happening. I'll hold them off- you get back home as fast as your feet can carry you."

"But what about you?" She whispered back, worried.

"I'll be fine. Now go! Please!"

"I'm not going. We stick together, remember?" her companion said stubbornly.

"Yes, you are. They're going to get one of us- they're too organized to let both of us slip through. I just don't want it to be you. You won't be able to hold out against them- but I will. I can fight back. You won't be able to. Please- go get help!" The look in Green's eyes told Flash Girl that there wouldn't be any more arguing. Sighing, she got to her feet.

"I'll go. Just don't let them take you. I need you to get back home, remember?" she said, trying to joke. Smiling sadly, she vibrated through the wall and sped off towards the apartment, eluding the D.E.O. agents, who didn't think of that escape route.

After Flash Girl was gone, Green stood up, wobbly with the realization of what she had just done. She was doomed, and she knew it. Still, it was for the best- at least one of them would get away. She couldn't vibrate through anything- she was too slow. And they could have easily shot her down if she had tried to fly- it'd be like duck hunting. Firmly planting her feet, she charged up her ring with her willpower, making it shine like a brilliant green star, as the D.E.O. agents started bashing down the crates.

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